Thursday, April 5, 2012

Used Car Buying Tips - Brand New, Surplus, or Reconditioned trucks?

For the first time in this blog, I would be writing an article about trucks. Yes, the ones that deliver the processed meat products that you eat (cooked, of course), the furniture on your abode, and the steel materials for some various stuff. Since cars share the road with trucks, why not write something about them? Besides, they are also bought and sold the way cars face. They are also registered and maintained. So, what would be the choice for replenishing the fleet; brand new, surplus, or reconditioned trucks? My advice, read this article, weigh in the options, and pick the most convenient option.

Now if you have a lot of money, your company can go for the brand new route. The perks? A variety of brands that fit any budget and purpose are there. Dealerships around the archipelago are there to service your truck. And the good thing is, the assistance of a warranty (three to five years) is there. Plus, your drivers get to breathe the new car smell. Known disadvantages are the ticket price that some trucks cost seven digits, and the worry that some of your drivers would damage some parts (and further void the warranty). If you have enough funds, this is the option.

Economics 101 will dictate that "surplus" means the excess of a country or company. And these surplus trucks are usually from Japan and other used car exporting countries. Surplus trucks do come in variety of engine displacements, truck body styles, mileage in their odometer, and the running condition. Surplus trucks could be a hit or miss, with conversion jobs are done well or poorly finished. If you are considering these trucks; better bring a mechanic, inspect the truck very well, test drive (if the dealer allows it), and ask for a warranty if available. If possible, go with a brand that has wide parts availability.

These trucks are, well, reconditioned. Everything (from the smaller bits down to the steering compartments) had been changed and they don't just attempt some cheap welding and cut-and-shield job. But, it would be wise to tag along a mechanic to inspect the units. Some might not know that these trucks are from Japan but reconditioned to look like brand new. They do have a warranty but some sell it "as-is, where-is" condition. Although you have to give them some plus points for bringing life to the industry. Somewhat, these trucks are a bit safer than surplus one.

There you have it, weigh in the three choices and I salute your company by contributing to the Philippine economy with these trucks. Now if you're asking me between Isuzu, Fuso Canter, or Hino trucks? Let you and your drivers decide.

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