Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Car Buying Tips - Buying A Car For A Senior Citizen

There is a point in our lives that all of us grow old. And since our requirements change, let's devote an article for them. Especially if a senior member of our family is getting a car or if you are planning to have one, and grandpa or grandma is part of the daily entourage, read this article and remember these tips when buying.

  • Try the ingress/egress if he or she can go in and out without complaints.
  • Let him/her feel the controls for the air-conditioning, radio, and some handles for opening the trunk, gas lid, doors, and hood. Thick ones are ideal and must be tactile feeling.
  • Room and space is a must. Head and leg room is much appreciated by them especially in the driver's cockpit. 
  • Adjustable driver seats is an excellent option, and also a must for them. Remember at least 10 inches from the wheel.
  • Make sure that the steering wheel can tilt or adjust.
  • Gadgets such as a blue tooth system, back up camera, reverse sensors, and large screens are much appreciated.
  • It must be easy to maneuver and rear visibility is excellent. If reverse sensors and camera come standard (or as an option), this is an advantage. 
  • And lastly, maintaining one (including gasoline, insurance, registration, and parts) must be friendly to the pocket.

  • A soft but comfortable ride would be appreciated. Which means truck based vehicles are out of the picture.
  • Low egress/ingress is a plus. High clearance vehicles can be a trouble for them.
  • Sliding doors are a good addition, hinged doors is a bad idea.
  • Easy to touch window switches, reachable door handles and locks must come standard.
  • Additional niceties including a cold air-conditioning system, TV screens, and other convenience features would make the grandpa/grandma happy.
  • If that member is riding in a wheelchair, getting a van (i.e Urvan Estate, Hiace Super Grandia, Grand Starex, Kia Carnival, Toyota Alphard, and others) would be a better option and fitting it with a lifter that goes in the rear would be the best option.
  • If sedans are in the order, make sure the rear legroom is excellent and their wheelchair (if they have one) would fit in the trunk.

To sum this up, make sure that comfort, and ease of use are top priorities for buying a car with a/or for a senior citizen. A test drive done by themselves or make sure you tag them along in the test drive. Besides, let's show how we love them.


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