Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Used Car Buying Tips - Buying a Korean Surplus Car

We are no strangers to the K-Pop wave, from their noodles to their Koreanovelas. And for those looking for an affordable vehicle option, going for a Korean surplus car is worth a look. But as with other vehicles, careful research must be done and reading my tips on buying one is included. Here are my handy tips for you.

  • Korean vehicles are already left hand drive, so you are spared from the conversion problems that their Japanese counterparts face.
  • Make sure that you know where the parts for these vehicles are available for purchase, and also have counterparts if the model was not sold locally. If you bought a Hyundai Starex from a surplus dealer, parts are easy to acquire but for vehicles not available like the Hyundai Galloper, you can use Mitsubishi Pajero parts for them.
  • Bring a mechanic with you to check if the unit has problems and drives well. Do not forget the test drive.
  • Since South Korea experiences snow, make sure that the tires are replaced.
  • Papers and taxes are very important especially if they are lacking, you will be a target of the Highway Patrol Group for your car being smuggled.
There you have it, study your options and chose wisely.

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