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Used Car Review - Nissan Teana (2007-2009)

Want to experience the cushiest ride in the used car planet without costing you an arm? Myk Belmonte finds a solution to this problem

2007-2009 Nissan Teana

In the world of mid-sizers, Nissan and Toyota had been battling it out anywhere with a wide range of models under that size. Nissan has a number of them which includes the Altima, Maxima, Cefiro, and the Teana. The latter can be seen wearing the Maxima and Cefiro badges. Confused much?

2003 saw the introduction of the Teana in the Asian market and a year later to Europe. It is also exported under the Maxima (US and Canada, for example) and Cefiro (Singapore) names in other countries. With this in mind, writing this paragraph gave me a headache due to a puzzling number of names on a single body (or worse, different generations) in different nations.

We all know that Nissan was kinda late in their offerings, and in the case of the Teana, it was made available in 2007 - four years later. The XV40 Camry was the new kid on the block, the Galant 240M had a hard time luring buyers, the seventh generation Accord and the first generation 6 was getting old, and the Sonata spent most of its time in showroom floors; but the Teana failed to topple the class leader, which the older brother did so. Too little, too late. The Teana can be purchased until 2009 in two trims, the JK and the feature loaded JM.

Value and Costs
For under a million bucks, luxury can be had for less. Used Teanas can be purchased between P700,000-P800,000 but do remember that there are less units in the market, which makes hunting a challenge for someone.

You might need to have some part time job or work overtime to defray the expenses of this sedan. The V6 can drain your income but that should not be a problem if you have earnings similar to executives. Gadgets that are present in the car must be diligently watched on if they fail.

Exterior and Interior
It may have the elegance but there is no denying that it looks old school. The exterior is somewhat bulky looking but the HID headlights and dual tailpipes brighten up this sedan. Let's not deal with this more.

The Teana's interior would have been trendy back in 2003, but four years later it is something that you can't understand. If the Camry has tons of faux wood that can be a cause of irritation, in the Nissan it is just fine and a classy matte finish comes standard. You can't help but say that the interior resembles something from a popular European furniture brand. Some Waterloo, the plastics used feel old and the switchgear is not something to be excited about. Passenger space, as always, is excellent and no one would complain.

From the award winning VQ engine family comes the Teana's motivator, a VQ23DE 2,349cc V6 that has 173hp at 6,000rpm and 231Nm at 4,000rpm. Since this is a V6, it could have been attacking rivals in the straight line but power deficit is evident due to the figures lingering in the 100 range. But the engine comes alive, lack of oomph notwithstanding, when it reaches above 3,000rpm. Still, the qualities of a VQ engine remains there, just like a political family.

Driving Impressions
Driving the Nissan is a challenge of extracting the available power for everyday usage. With the power pushing you back, weight has been balanced in the four tires whenever accelerating, cornering, or stopping. In real world conditions, the Teana is quick, despite the power deprivation.

With all eyes aimed at the Camry during that time, the Teana was a great car that came out at the wrong time. If it was released earlier, then it could have gave the Accord and Camry a run for their money. People nowadays are well informed, if its late, good luck. But to be honest, the Teana is one outstanding car but you'll be better off with other premium sedans.

The Good:
  • Comfortable ride
  • Fully equipped
  • Smooth operator
The Bad:
  • Not the drivers car
  • Bulky 
  • Not the car that rings the bell
The Pick: JM

Engine: 2,349cc VQ23DE V6 gasoline
Power: 173hp @ 6,000rpm
Torque: 231Nm @ 4,000rpm
Fuel Consumption: 5-8km/L (city), 7-10km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent multi-link

Price (New): P1,590,000-P1,990,000
Price (Now): P700,000-P800,000
Rivals: Toyota Camry, Honda Accord, Hyundai Sonata, Mitsubishi Galant, Mazda 6, Audi A4, Chevrolet Lumina
On Sale: 2007-early 2010

Nissan Mantrade - (02) 812-6879
Nissan Gallery Ortigas - (02) 635-5888
Nissan UN Avenue - (02) 400-1020

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