Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Used Car Buying Tips - How to identify an "ex-taxi"

I stumbled upon an article from everyone's favorite online selling site which used car buyers must know. And today, I'll be sharing this write-up about ex-taxis that are floating in the used car market. Want to know if you're getting a good or sour deal? Read this one and you can outsmart the seller.

Here are some tips before plucking down a deal that you might not know its an ex-taxi.
1. Inspect the plates if there's a small letter H located in the side of the first letter. Also, majority of ex-taxis sport the Rizal plates.
2. Looks may deceive you that some sellers paint the letter "H" to cover it and say you're not buying something that has seen taxi days.
3. Most ex-taxis must have their original plates (Rizal issued ones) and if they sell you with the original yellow plates but say "idrodrop namin yan", be careful with that term.
4. Odometer reading can be questionable. Some might be astonishing high (you can imagine where it was traveled) while some might be tampered
5. Interior is worn out, which must be checked thoroughly. Inspect if the seats are worn out, if the dashboard has holes on it (where the meter was placed); and door locks, handles, and window cranks are present.
6. Paint is low quality, and you might be surprised that the name of the taxicab can be seen even repainted!
7. If the unit had LPG fuel installation, this must be removed before selling.
8. Speedometer won't work (if the unit is uber old) due to a broken cable.

Here are most vehicles that you will (and definitely) encounter being as ex-taxis:
- Toyota Corolla XL/XE Big Body
- Toyota Corolla XL/XE/LE Love Life
- Nissan Sentra JX/LEC B13
- Nissan Sentra FE/EX Saloon B14
- Mitsubishi Lancer EL/GLI Itlog
- Kia Pride Hatchback and sedan
- Mazda 323/323 Familia
- Daewoo Racer ETi/GTi
- Hyundai Excel
- Toyota Vios (they're sprouting one by one)
- Toyota Tamaraw FX (good luck hunting for a private unit)
- Mitsubishi Adventure GL/GLX (not all base models of Adventure are ex-taxis)
- Isuzu Hilander
- Toyota Revo DLX/GL (same comment as the Adventure)

Purchasing an ex-taxi can be a risk and at the same time, a reward. But as with the saying goes for used car buyers, caveat emptor, or in Filipino, bahala ka sa buhay mo.



  1. Sir,

    Am thinking of buying a repossesed car, and the points above are well noted. I am just curious to what the usual terms are if one does push through with a purchase. Do you have any idea?

    1. Good evening! You may want to refer to this article for more info on buying repo cars

      The usual terms are you and between the bank. Since you've mentioned you have no idea, better stick with a direct owner.

  2. Question: I bought an ex-taxi vios and there's a small 'H' on the side of the first letter. If i hammer down and repaint this embossed letter will I be violating any laws? I know this is a stupid question but it really bothers me. Thank you in advance for any help.

    1. Some would do it and don't get caught. It is fine to do it, just don't alter the main part of the plate.

    2. I fear that I might get flagged down on the street and be penalized 2k for tampering or 5K for misuse of plate. Should I contact LTO regarding this to get a new one? What do you think Sir?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. To be safe, don't. It is just a small "H" so not a big deal.

    5. I already did sir. I hammered it down and painted it white. Will there be a problem if I register the car this June?

  3. Is there any agency or company like VINAudit in Philippines? In US, car owners are obligated to report about their cars to the National Motors Vehicle Title Information System or NMVTIS. Vinaudit provides reports through them. This really helps a lot if a car is an ex-taxi.