Friday, November 30, 2012

The Ultimate Used Car Guide Surprise

Yeah, Christmas is coming so, so as the year 2013. As a giveaway gift to you, my readers, I would be giving you a surprise.

My treat for you starting January 7, 2013 is that, there would be two (yes you heard it right, two) car reviews every week. While you can read a different set of reviews every Monday, there would be a different one every Thursday. So, its twice the fun and twice the info in a week! However, the Wildcard pick would go away; with the Hyundai Matrix, first gen Mazda 6, and the first gen Nissan Murano the only featured vehicles for this segment, leaving this one as a limited edition portions of this site

Oh, btw if you have the time, like the Facebook fan page of the Ultimate Used Car Guide with the link below:

And here is the screenshot of the site:

Have a great holidays ahead of you!

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