Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feature Story - A Hunt For Santa's Sleigh

Dear Myk.

This is Santa, I've been impressed with your used car reviews since they are informative and entertaining. In fact, I can access your site anytime without the usage of paper or waiting for months.

But for this month, may I ask you a favor? My seven reindeer have been taking a vacation for months, which I encourage them to do. So, now I need a beast of burden that could bring the goodies and toys to the millions of children around the world. These are my criteria for the sleigh:

- Must be spacious enough to carry the toys and goodies
- Should have a durable engine and chassis
- Very very fuel efficient
- Parts must be accessible and cheap, since I'm travelling around the world
- Should access a multitude of roads (i.e rough, smooth, unpaved)
- Costing one must not be similar to taking care of the reindeer
- And not to forget, comfortable to be in and basic driver features are enough

I would like to see several sedans, pick-up trucks, minivans, and sport utility vehicles in my choices.

So, can you help me pick the very best beast of burden among the cars you have reviewed? I know you could and it would be such an honor. Suggestions from you are very welcome!

Hohoho Happy Holidays!
Santa Claus

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