Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Car Profiles - Chery V5 (2007-2012)

2007-2012 Chery V5

The Good: Stylish, luxurious interior for less cash

The Bad: Stick shift located near armrest, reliability

The Say: Luxury for less but you could do better.

Go For: 2.0

Price Range: Data Not Available
Our Rating: **

Related Review: None as of the Moment

Car Choices:
A 127hp 2.0 gasoline paired with a manual is the sole option for this MPV. There is nothing spectacular about it, but it moves the vehicle with ease.

Since only one variant is offered, Chery placed tons of standard equipment. One can get ABS brakes, dual airbags, rear parking sensors, front and rear fog lamps, alloy wheels, power windows, power mirrors, power door locks, and a six disc changer.

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