Thursday, November 17, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Chevrolet Traverse (2011-2015)

2011-2015 Chevrolet Traverse

The Good: Can fit eight people in comfort, space

The Bad: No diesel, dated interior

The Say: A worthy car ruined by poor pricing and marketing.

Go For: LT 4x2

Price Range: P1,400,000-P1,650,000
Our Rating: ***

Full Review: None as of the Moment

See the different versions of this vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
Launched in 2009 at a time where crossover SUVs were the norm while truck based ones and minivans saw their market declining, the Traverse directly replaced two vehicles: the Trailblazer SUV and the Uplander minivan. This vehicle has three other related vehicles with different target markets: Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, and Saturn Outlook (it was killed in 2009).

A 3.6 gasoline engine motivates this vehicle without any drama comes standard. Handling this long vehicle may be a challenge but some driver aids come standard. Ride quality, since this is a car based model, is excellent.

Its large interior reveals one advantage: three rows of seats which can accommodate eight people in a comfortable manner. However, the prevalent use of hard plastics coupled with interior bits which reminds you of three decades back is a turn off.

What Should I Get
The Traverse comes in just one variant, the LT, paired to two drive train configurations. All models get a 281hp 3.6, six airbags, ABS brakes, stability control, speed sensor, immobilizer, tire pressure monitor, fog lamps, roof rails, tow kit, blind spot system, power front seats, cruise control, digital compass, power tailgate, DVD player, navigation system, front camera, alarm, and keyless entry. The only difference is that 2WD models utilize fabric upholstery while 4WD are leather clad.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Since this vehicle is not a volume seller, parts availability may be difficult. Maintaining one is on the higher side no thanks to a larger gasoline engine.

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