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Quickie Used Car Review - Honda Odyssey (2012-2015)

2012-2015 Honda Odyssey (USA)

The Good: Fun for the driver and more space for the family

The Bad: No diesel option available

The Say: An Americanized minivan done the Japanese way.

Go For: 3.5 EX-L
Avoid: Scrimping for fuel money

Price Range: P1,600,000-P1,700,000
Our Rating: ****

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Vehicle Overview
The Odyssey is Honda's first minivan entry, which is dominated by Toyota and Mitsubishi in Japan and by Chrysler in North America. Its Accord based platform made it low, which is similar to a Toyota Innova, and lack of sliding doors didn't made it a success in the Americas. Starting in its second generation model in 1999, models sold in North America is different from what other markets receive with the former receiving sliding doors and a V6 engine which are typical of American vans.

While the first generation Odyssey was officially sold with few units coming in between during the 90s, the nameplate was revived in 2012 via the USDM model which featured a 3.5 V6 engine that rivals the Toyota Alphard. Although no diesel is available, the V6 accelerates well with a cylinder shut-off that optimizes fuel efficiency at low speeds. Ride quality is excellent and does not transmit road imperfections while handling is responsive.

Unlike rivals, this van can accommodate eight people with a middle bench seat and access inside is easy with two sliding doors. Folding the third row seats will reveal a more cavernous trunk while power seats are restricted upfront.

What Should I Get
The sold variant is the EX-L which gives you a 247hp 3.5 gasoline, eight airbags, ABS brakes, stability control, front and rear sensors, auto on/off headlamps, back-up camera, sun roof, power seats for the front row seats, leather seats, cruise control, power sliding doors and tailgate, Bluetooth and engine immobilizer.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Not much problems were reported so it is safe to assume that this is reliable. Maintaining one isn't for the weak, as this one will have your fuel resources drained and having electric gadgets fail is a nightmare.

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