Monday, March 27, 2017

Car Features - First Versions of Car Manufacturer Sites in the Philippines

On March 29, 1994, that was the first time the Philippines was connected to the world wide web. Throughout the years, from dial-up connection (just pray that no one would be calling) to DSL services to mobile data, the internet had became a part of the Philippine landscape on every aspect and it has extended to the automotive industry.

Car manufacturers used the internet as a tool on reaching potential customers as well as to promote their products. Apart from the manufacturers, car related services (from new and used cars to automobile accessories) have been using the internet as well as portals such as Top Gear Philippines and Autoindustriya. Nowadays, if you can't afford to buy yourself a domain, you can use the services of OLX and Facebook for a nominal fee.

So lets go back memory lane by visiting the first versions of car manufacturer site locally. Tracking them can be possible by accessing Wayback Machine by entering the url and choose the specific date you want to visit. Do take note not all manufacturers will be posted here, just the ones that we can retrieve. Please be reminded that since these are archived pages, not all features and photos would be available.

Audi Philippines -

BMW Philippines -

General Motors Philippines (Chevrolet, Opel, Subaru) -

Ford Philippines -

Honda Cars Philippines -

Version 1, December 2, 1998

Version 2, April 19, 2001

Isuzu Philippines -

Intro page

Main page

Kia Motors Philippines -

Mazda Philippines - (under Ford Group Philippines)

Intro page, December 2, 2004

Main page, August 23, 2006

Mercedes Benz Philippines -

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines - (current site), (used in archives)

Intro page

Main page

Nissan (Universal Motors Corporation) -

Nissan (Nissan Motors Philippines Inc.) -

Suzuki Philippines -

Toyota Motor Philippines -

Volvo Cars Philippines -

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