Friday, January 4, 2013

Car Profiles - Land Rover Discovery (1996-1999)

1996-1999 Land Rover Discovery

The Good: Diesel engine is standard, headroom is excellent

The Bad: Interior couldn't withstand the heat, rare in the second hand market

The Say: A comfortable British off-road cruiser, however, you would be more satisfied with a Japanese SUV.

Go For: Local diesel variants
Avoid: Imported units from Japan

Price Range: P500,000-P750,000
Our Rating: **

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Car Choices:
It may not be the quickest, but the diesel is the best (and viable) option since it consumes less fuel. Forget about the rare V8 petrol since it guzzles gas (but definitely fast) and units from Japan since conversion quality is a big question mark.

Despite the somewhat utilitarian roots, it has modern amenities such as air-conditioning and a stereo system.

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