Thursday, January 3, 2013

Car Profiles - Mitsubishi Pajero (1995-2008)

1995-2008 Mitsubishi Pajero 

The Good: You get the image at a tough package

The Bad: But that image comes with an unrefined engine

The Say: Unique than a Montero Sport, but has some flaws.

Go For: Any local unit
Avoid: Japan converted units

Price Range: P550,000-P750,000
Our Rating: ***

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Car Choices:
The updated Pajero was given a 125hp 2.8 4-cylinder that suited the vehicle's weight. It is no leader in acceleration or refinement, rather it is somewhat quiet. Both manual (only for 4x4 models, dropped in 2003) and automatic transmissions are offered. In 2004, this model can be had with 2WD.

One would get a driver's airbag, fog lamp, headlamp washer, leather seats, dash mounted compass, all power features, six disc changer (prior to 2004 a cassette player is made standard), keyless entry, and alarm. A Limited Edition model was released in late 2002 added a tire pressure monitor, spare tire cover, and DVD/VCD/MP3/CD player which were trickled down in 2004. That year also signaled the addition of an overhead LCD screen. Do take note that majority have three front facing rows, except for some late 2002 to 2003 models that can accommodate 10 people.

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