Thursday, January 3, 2013

Car Profiles - Nissan X-Trail (2003-2014)

2003-2014 Nissan X-Trail

The Good: A practical partner thanks to a scratch proof cargo area, great all-around visibility, and low prices.

The Bad: Cheap looking interior, and the center clustered gauges can be a distraction.

The Say: A great compact SUV for less, for the adventurous family or for the city dweller.

Go For: 2.5 250X
Avoid: 2.0 200X 4WD

Price Range: P300,000-P750,000
Our Rating: *****

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  1. hi myk, up ko lang thread. curious lang why avoid the 200x variant? any issues for this model? i'm in scout for an xtrail kasi. thanks

    1. Hi! The reason for it its because the 200x is basically a 2.0 model with 4x4, which has poor fuel consumption (since the 4wd system burdens the engine). Hope this helps

  2. Hi, i have 250x xtrail 2003 model automatic transmission, i would like to ask, if ok lg na maiwan ang car for several days na hindi na papaandar, coz i will have a vacation, would it be ok, hindi maddscharge yung battery?