Friday, May 9, 2014

Car Profiles - Ford Ranger (1999-2006)

1999-2006 Ford Ranger

The Good: Tough partner for business or personal use

The Bad: But you have to live with a tight rear bench

The Say: One of the durable trucks out there.

Go For: 4x2 Trekker
Avoid: Any beat up unit

Price Range: P310,000-P440,000
Our Rating: ***

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  1. Thanks sir for a very helpful blog.

    Is it possible to post the HP and Torque of different year models and engines for this truck..


    1. Hello! I will post the HP and torque figures for the models of the Ranger from 2000-2006:
      2000-2003 XL 2WD - 2.5 diesel 87hp @ 4,200rpm and 200Nm @ 2,500rpm
      2000-2003 XLT 2WD and 2003-2006 XL 2WD - 2.9 diesel 94hp @ 4,000rpm and 200Nm @ 2,500rpm
      2000-2003 Trekker 2WD, XLT and Hurricane 4WD, 2003-2006 Trekker 2WD and XLT 4WD - 2.5 diesel 117hp @ 3,500rpm and 280Nm @ 2,000rpm.

      The 2006-2012 Ranger has different figures, in which the 2.5 117hp goes to the XL. The rest have new engines