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Used Car Review - BMW X6 (2008-2015)

This unique vehicle had everyone look at it when it was new. Myk Belmonte dishes everything here.

2008-2015 BMW X6

We know the story of BMW going into the sport utility market, especially it was a bold move for someone who is specializes in driver eccentric sedans and sports cars. Making a differentiation by calling these as Sports Activity Vehicles, the Munich based maker had a cash cow. The X5 was first launched, with other smaller SUVs in the X-family that followed such as the smaller X3 and X1 while producing niche models like the X6. Unlike other BMW vehicles, all SUV models are assembled in Greer, South Carolina for worldwide consumption.

Priced above the X5, the X6 combines the ability of a sports utility vehicle while carrying the stance of a coupe. Development started in 2003 under the helm of Peter Tuennermann, fresh from his E70 X5 (second generation model) development two years prior, with design work done in 2005 by Pierre Leclercq, testing done sometime between 2005 to 2006 and production commenced in December 2007. If there is one car which gave way to placing niche vehicles in BMW's line-up, this is the one especially models that fill between one another existed and Mercedes Benz is also doing the same way nowadays.

BMW Philippines brought in the X6, the third member of the X-family, back in 2008 which was a time where fuel prices hit an all time high. Three models were made available for Filipino consumers: a 3.0 diesel, a 3.0 gasoline, and a 4.4 V8 gasoline plus an X6M was added in 2011 with the inauguration of the M certified dealer in the country.

Value and Costs
This niche filling model can cost you between P2,800,000 to P5,000,000, depending on the overall condition and mileage of the vehicle. If you aim for this vehicle, practicality be damned which is offered by the X5, get the 3.0 diesel since most units sold had this one. And while you're at it, we recommend checking out BMW's certified pre-owned selection since these are certified and inspected.

With this vehicle being a low volume seller (at least, among BMW models), not much problems are reported by owners, at least in a serious level. Still, pay attention to the electronic gadgets this vehicle possesses since get one in poor shape and all headaches will follow. Since its engines are shared with other Bimmer SAVs, parts in this aspect are common.

Exterior and Interior
Staring at this vehicle for a long period of time, the X6 looks like a raised 4-door coupe in the vein of Mercedes Benz CLS Class since the swoopy styling goes better in a sports sedan and the chunkiness at the back does not befit this vehicle. Adding two types of vehicles in one body is a bold movement, however the output is somewhat less than what is desired. Never-mind the last sentence, it does have that presence that will make you stare.

The coupe styling will have an effect inside the vehicle, in which the front occupants will benefit from more headroom against those at the back since the sportier appearance gives them a limited space for their heads. Cargo carrying will be a hassle for taller items no thanks to the outside appearance, plus the vehicle is comfortable for four occupants so consider the fifth one to be short in stature. Thankfully, this vehicle gets a high quality interior and a motorized tailgate since reaching for it to close is difficult.

Three gasoline powerplants and a sole diesel engine comprise the X6 line-up. The most popular are diesels that includes the M57D30TU2 3.0 with 235hp at 4,000rpm and 520Nm at 2,000-2,750rpm sold in the earlier years and later ones receive the N57D30OL 3.0 that carries 241hp at 4,000rpm and 540Nm at 1,750-3,000rpm. If you are allergic to diesels then you have an option for a N54B30 3.0 which has 306hp at 5.800-6,200rpm and 400Nm at 1,300-5,000rpm if going with an early model and the later models get the N55B30 of the same displacement but pushes 302hp at 5,800rpm and 400Nm at 1,200-5,000rpm. Other insane petrol options that you can buy include the N63B44 4.4 V8 having 407hp at 5,500-6,400rpm and 600Nm at 1,800-4,500rpm and a S63B44 4.4 that is reserved for M models which gets 547hp at 6,000rpm and 680Nm at 1,500-5,650rpm. All of four engines are no slouch, but depending on what you expect these are solid performers especially that the V8 gives the M5 a run for its money.

Driving Impressions
Forget having other passengers inside the car, just buckle up and drive since the X6 has that handling carried from other BMWs and with this being a larger vehicle, it surprisingly handles well. The xDrive system puts most of the power in the rear axle but can supply to the front axle and go side to side when necessary.

Going different is something of a hit or miss, but BMW hit the right notes here. While the X6 is definitely a fun to drive beast, the limited practicality will turn off some. Being a niche car, this one is something nice if you are willing to live with its limitations.

The Good:
  • Unique concept
  • Strong engines
  • High quality interior
The Bad:
  • Exterior styling not for everyone
  • Limited practicality
  • Expensive
The Pick: 3.0d

Engines: 2,993cc M57D30TU2 (2008-2010) and N57D300L (2011-2015) I6 diesel, 2,979cc N54B30 (2008-2010) and N55B30 (2011-2013) I6, 4,395cc N63B44 and S63B44 V8 gasoline
Power: 235hp @ 4,000rpm (3.0 diesel, 2008-2010), 241hp @ 4,000rpm (3.0 diesel, 2011-2015), 306hp @ 5,800-6,200rpm (3.0 gasoline, 2008-2010), 302hp @ 5,800rpm (3.0 gasoline, 2011-2013), 407hp @ 5,500-6,400rpm (4.4 V8), 547hp @ 6,000rpm (4.4 M)
Torque: 520Nm @ 2,000-2,750rpm (3.0 diesel, 2008-2010), 540Nm @ 1,750-3,000rpm (3.0 diesel, 2011-2015), 400Nm @ 1,300-5,000rpm (3.0 gasoline, 2008-2010), 400Nm @ 1,200-5,000rpm (3.0 gasoline, (2011-2013), 600Nm @ 1,800-4,500rpm (4.4 V8), 680Nm @ 1,500-5,650rpm (4.4 M)
Fuel Consumption: 4-8km/L (city), 7-11km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Suspension: Front double wishbone, rear multi-link

Price (New):
Price (Now): P2,800,000-P5,000,000
On Sale: 2008-2015

Autohaus BMW - (02) 638-0734

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