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Used Car Review - Audi TT (2006-2015)

Another fun to drive coupe is featured by Myk Belmonte for the merry month of March.

2006-2015 Audi TT

A vehicle redesign will always be a room for improvement for a vehicle. The problem is what if the vehicle is already great, is there any points to improve on? As they say, there is no perfect car since there are weak spots to begin with. One case to begin with is the Audi TT, with the first generation model a perfect car to start at and making the second one something that will exceed expectations.

Known as the Typ 8J model, it was first revealed in April 2006 with production occurred in August 2006. It was constructed utilizing the Volkswagen Group A5 platform shared with the likes of the VW Golf and Jetta and using aluminum in the front while the rear is composed of steel parts. As opposed to the predecessor, engine options were expanded including a diesel and an option for Audi's Magnetic Ride as a suspension enhancer.

Locally, the second generation TT had its launch in 2006 with both 2.0 and 3.2 Quattro models available for local consumption. Changes for this model includes the non-availability of front wheel drive and manual transmission, traits that the predecessor had.

Value and Costs
Nowadays, you can acquire a second generation Audi TT from P1,600,000 to P1,900,000, which is a bargain when compared to its German compatriots. Audis having the lowest resale values among luxury brands are great purchases for second hand buyers especially the first owner had took the chunk of the depreciation. When it comes to second hands, try scouting at the pre-owned selection of PGA Cars since they are inspected and backed up with a warranty while buying from someone who keeps it stock is better than the other way around.

No serious issues arise among owners but do still check if the leather seats wear quickly (the fix is applying leather cream), front brakes squeal but replacing the brake pads cures it and some rattles and creaks found on the dashboard and glovebox areas. Before leaving this paragraph, maintenance costs are definitely on the higher scale, due to the presence of the turbocharged engine.

Exterior and Interior
Based on the Audi Shooting Brake Concept Car displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2005, its styling echoes the shadows of the first generation model although it is five inches longer and three inches wider. As mentioned above, the production model got an aluminum/steel material rather than an all aluminum finish. The front grille gives an additional touch to its distinct profile, which is unique in many ways. A sunroof comes standard among 3.2 models, which is the only distinguishing factor.

Thanks to an increase in size, interior space for humans remains decent but the rear seat is best reserved for children while trunk space is average for the class. As always, interior materials are built with high quality materials and feels solid.

Both the 2.0 TFSI having 200hp at 5,100-6,000rpm and 280Nm at 1,800-5,000rpm and the 3.2 FSI carrying 250hp at 6,300rpm and 320Nm at 2,500-3,000rpm are both capable performers at their own rights and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Don't be mislead by the smallish engine displacement of the 2.0, with 200 horses to play and a turbo to assist you, since it is more responsive and has that sound when driven hard and this is what we pick. On the other hand, the 3.2 is definitely faster but the standard all wheel drive system hampers things and carrying the extra weight the vehicle has.

Driving Impressions
Pure driving fun, this is what the TT is all about and this one does not disappoint. Thanks to the usage of light weight materials and combined with the lively engine options, this is a hoot to drive especially it is fast on straight roads and glides well on curves. Although the ride is firm due to the Audi Magnetic Ride which adapts the suspension in the appropriate setting in different terrains, it is not totally harsh. Even as a daily driver, this is an easy to drive vehicle.

A coupe which can bring you to office everyday without the usual problems that sports cars face while a coupe that you can enjoy driving on the open road during the weekends, the Audi TT accomplishes them without any drama. Sure, there is the smallish rear seat and that somewhat harsh ride for some, but this car is something special.

The Good:
  • Something that is fun to drive
  • Decent interior space upfront
  • Cheaper prices than rivals
The Bad:
  • Limited space at the back
  • Harsh ride for some people
  • Only a few units on the market
The Pick: 2.0 TFSI is more than enough

Engines: 1,984cc TFSI 4-cylinder and 3,189cc FSI V6 gasoline
Power: 200hp @ 5,100-6,000rpm (2.0), 250hp @ 6,300rpm (3.2)
Torque: 280Nm@ 1,800-5,000rpm (2.0), 320Nm @ 2,500-3,000rpm (3.2)
Fuel Consumption: 7-10km/L (city), 10-13km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: 6-speed s-tronic
Suspension: Front McPherson strut, rear 4-link

Price (New): P4,600,000-P5,200,000
Price (Now): P1,600,000-P1,900,000
On Sale: 2006-2015

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