Thursday, June 16, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Suzuki Alto (2007-2013)

2007-2013 Suzuki Alto

The Good: Fuel efficient, reliable

The Bad: Limited interior space, plasticky interior

The Say: Basic transportation in small mass for less.

Go For: 1.0 K10
Avoid: 0.8 Standard

Price Range: P135,000-P240,000
Our Rating: **

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Vehicle Overview
Although the Alto nameplate had been in existence since 1979, it was only made available in the Philippines in 2007 as an expansion of their passenger car lineup. Various versions were assembled around the world which are catered towards different tastes and requirements of various countries. Our Altos are from India, which is sold there and different from the versions that Japan get. Unlike the Japanese models, we do get slightly larger engines complemented with a basic cabin.

With a selling price of P350,000 back when it was brand new, do not expect anything fancy but its task is just to transport you from point A to B with minimal fuel consumption. While both the 0.8 and 1.0 engines are enough for city driving, these can top the triple digit speed area when appropriately loaded. When it comes to saving gasoline, you'll be happy with this car especially this one gets high fuel mileage. Although practical for short trips, its suspension may have the tendency to be unstable at certain situations.

Picky buyers need not apply here, since the low rent interior reflects its price range that are derived from a 90s sedan. Four people is good enough since fitting five people inside isn't a comfortable scenario plus reversing would make you hit the front seat passenger. Cargo space is fine for some although rivals are better in this aspect.

What Should I Get
Most models get the 47hp 0.8 which is fine for daily driving tasks which are available for both Standard and Deluxe models. Going for the Standard gives you black bumpers, power steering, and CD player while upgrading to the Deluxe gains body color bumpers, power windows, power door locks, and hubcap covers. Launched in November 2011, the K10 has a 68hp 1.0 engine that adds MP3 capability, a tachometer, rear window defogger, power socket, and an auxiliary jack. Among the given variants, we'd go for the K10 if you can find one although the 0.8 Deluxe is more than adequate.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Prices of spare parts on average are somewhat pricey compared to the Korean competition. Fuel consumption is tops, which means your wallet would be happy. Problem points to look out include a worn clutch, plastics that tend to be brittle, and the driver side window for models without power windows which may break themselves.

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