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Quickie Used Car Review - Suzuki Celerio (2009-2015)

2009-2015 Suzuki Celerio

The Good: Fuel friendly (with the manual), easy to drive

The Bad: Power sapping automatic, tight third row

The Say: While it has some virtues, it gets lost on a sea of sub-compacts.

Go For: GL

Price Range: P245,000-P450,000
Our Rating: ***

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Vehicle Overview
Technically, the Celerio is a fifth generation Alto but targeted above the latter in terms of price. While some markets have both vehicles sold alongside one another, a number had this one exclusively. The Philippine market got this in June 2009 to complement the rather basic Alto. A standalone model with the same name replaced the Alto-based on in India in 2014, with our market having it the following year.

Outside, you wouldn't knew that it has a lineage with the Indian assembled Alto since its angles and bright color options shouts these out. Going inside reveals an interior which is a far cry from its cheapest sibling especially that the cabin will give you an idea on what decade this car was introduced. Controls are within the reach of the driver and front occupants get an upright position. Four people would have their comfortable position inside but those who prefer to sit at the back would get limited head and knee space.

Since the standard engine is a 1.0, it will give you decent acceleration and excellent fuel consumption but with the manual, since automatics tend to sap power. It is easy to drive and ride quality is good but going at triple digit speeds would have a tendency to be uncontrollable.

What Should I Get
Launched in 2012, the basic GA can be distinguished by its black door handles and mirrors and only gets power steering, dual airbags, radio with CD player and MP3 capability plus auxiliary jack, and a rear wiper. Our pick is the GL that is fully loaded which includes front power windows, power door locks, fog lamps, ABS brakes, immobilizer, keyless entry, and a tachometer.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Similar to the Alto, spare parts costs are priced on the upper scale when compared to rivals. Choose the manual for more miles and savings, since going clutchless isn't fuel friendly. With most Celerios are used as daily drivers, do check for the usual wear and tear parts.

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