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Quickie Used Car Review - Nissan Frontier Navara (2007-2015)

2007-2015 Nissan Frontier Navara

The Good: More power than before

The Bad: Less clearance and space than competitors

The Say: Still has an edge on the competition, though outclassed in some aspects.

Go For: 4x2 LE
Avoid: Tech Xtreme and Krome Editions

Price Range: P530,000-P950,000
Our Rating: ***

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Vehicle Overview
While the first generation Frontier became a best seller, rivals caught on by offering more power and torque through their CRDi engines, which was a trend in the mid-2000s. The response for this one is through the Frontier Navara which was larger and more powerful than the model it replaced.

4x2 and 4x4 models have different width and height sizes and although one engine is offered, their horsepower varies. The 2.5 diesel which comes standard have two power ratings: 142hp for 4x2 models and 172hp for 4x4 models. Either engine is capable of reaching as early as 2,000rpm which benefits fuel consumption. Driving this one will test your patience as it is long although steering is on the light side. An eight-cross member ladder frame gives the truck additional stability when needed.

One added benefit of the Navara is the car-like position, which is comfortable to be in complimented by easy to reach controls. One shift done is the 4x4 system which needs to be activated by flicking a knob below the climate control.

What Should I Get
Going with the Brute (added in 2011), which is the basic model available in both drive-train configuration, will give you a stick shift, alloy wheels, all power features, dual airbags, ABS brakes, CD player with MP3, and can be distinguished by their black bumpers. The 4x2 LE adds an option for an automatic transmission, fog lamps, chrome accents, step board, foldable rear seat, alarm, keyless entry, and the 142hp 2.5 engine. Its 4x4 counterpart, which became the GT-X in 2013 adds a 172hp 2.5 diesel, leather seats, and for the GT-X, touchscreen monitor with navigation system. Two special edition models which are based on the LE 4x4 include the Krome Edition in 2010 that adds chrome bits, bed cover, side mirror signal repeaters, and power fold mirrors while the TechXtreme of 2012 adds a navigation system and socket for wireless broadband. Going for the LE is more than enough as the two special edition models aren't best bargains.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Maintenance costs, when compared to other Japanese stalwarts, is somewhat same although on the higher side. One problem point to look at (which is serious) is the EGR system caused by mechanical failure and turbo.

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