Thursday, September 22, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Nissan Sentra (2010-2014)

2010-2014 Nissan Sentra

The Good: Space and price

The Bad: Interior quality and CVT performance

The Say: Other 2.0 sedans are better buys.

Go For: 200

Price Range: P290,000-P600,000
Our Rating: **

Full Review: None as of the Moment
Latest vehicle profile: Nissan Sylphy

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Vehicle Overview
Slotting above the aging N13 model sold since 2001, the imported from Mexico Sentra 200 is Nissan's answer to new rivals while providing an upmarket choice. That model is available in North America since 2007 and we got the facelift version and other Asian countries get a different Sentra model. Despite being a new model, this didn't sell well when compared to its older counterpart plus both vehicles were killed with the Sylphy's arrival in 2014.

With a 200 moniker, this one gets a 2.0 engine either available in manual or CVT transmission that acquits itself in real city driving with the latter providing smooth performance. Ride quality is excellent and soft, even when driven in the worst conditions but tackling high speed curves will give you some body roll though.

Looking outside, you'll say that it is small than same time rivals. Go inside and you'll be treated to a cabin that offers decent space and controls that are well placed. The instrument cluster is easy to read, which means that you can see how fuel efficient you drive or how fast you are.

What Should I Get
This one is only offered with one engine - a 140hp 2.0 - but the equipment varies between the manual and CVT equipped models. Manual models get all power amenities, alloy wheels, dual airbags, alarm, keyless entry, immobilizer, CD player with auxiliary jack, and power folding mirrors. Going for the automatics adds ABS brakes, fog lamps, 60/40 fold rear seat, steering wheel audio and illumination controls, and a special trunk organizer system. We'd go for the CVT for the additional goodies but we think you'll like rivals better.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Unlike the N13 Sentra, this vehicle is sold in limited quantities which meant not much problems were reported among local owners.

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