Saturday, December 29, 2012

Most Read Articles of 2012

2012 is nearing its end, and let's go back to memory lane on what articles you read the most. So, shall we start?

1. 1993-1997 Toyota Corolla review
- It may be old, but a lot of cash strapped used car buyers look at this sedan as their top choice.

2. 1999-2008 Mitsubishi Pajero review
- The one SUV that started the craze in the Philippines is the second most read review.

3. 2001-2007 Toyota Corolla Altis review
- Another popular choice in the second hand market.

4. Cars of the 2012 Philippine International Motor Show feature
- Covering the Motor Show independently was heaps of fun for me.

5. 1995-2001 Nissan Sentra review
- Apart from the Corolla Big Body, this is one common pick in the market.

6. 2004-2006 Ford Everest TCDi review
- Long before the Fortuner, the Everest arrived first.

7. 1996-2000 Honda Civic review
- Our third Ramos era sub-compact that entered the list.

8. 1998-2005 Isuzu Fuego review
- My first pick-up truck review garnered the most views among other rivals (as of now)

9. 1997-2000 Nissan Cefiro review
- The first premium sedan to be featured on this website, and it was a success.

10. 1998-2005 Toyota Revo review
- Despite the dead name, a lot of buyers in the used car planet are eyeing for this.

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