Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Bargains of Christmas - Pick-Up Trucks

Christmas is just around the corner, and you're asking what car would you want to gift to yourself (if you are good this year) or to your loved ones. Your Ultimate Used Car Guide is here to solve the problem by giving you some recommendations.

So, how are these bargain picks are chosen? Here are some criteria that were followed:
  • A vehicle must be available between 2002-2011
  • Reported problems from owners are minimal, they are based from local forums and several of my reviews
  • Vehicle value must be excellent, since they are good bargains. 
  • Must offer a competitive advantage over its rivals and must fit the buyers needs in a category
  • Availability in the second hand market must be widespread
To conclude our Bargains of Christmas series, we will be dealing with Pick-up trucks for the end of the saga. Back then they used to be the farmer's choice but now they are equipped with the city-cruiser image even though people who do not have trailers drive them. So, if you plan to use them for business or personal lakad, here are some of my top picks.

When it was introduced nearly nine years ago, it was a ray of light for the competition. A CRDi engine powered this beast, more tolerable to ride in than the Fuego, and something its rivals copied, a push button 4WD system which means no more lever shifting. With just an engine upgrade in 2007, better focus on the vehicle condition rather than the amenities. Fuel efficiency is tops and can be said with off-road and hauling capability.

Other bets:
2002-2011 Toyota Hilux - The king of all pick-up trucks, whether in South East Asia or in the bushes of Africa. I will be recommending the first generation model only for business purposes since it is bare for daily usage and has a stiff ride. The 2005 models are great candidates for daily driving tasks since it offers a reasonable amount of passenger amenities, a powerful 3.0 engine, and that durability a Toyota can provide. It can hack the worst roads when needed while taking care of your everyday needs without fuss.

2002-2011 Mitsubishi Strada/L200 Strada - There are two generations covered in this review, and each generation is targeted for a certain demographic. The L200 Strada model possess a harsh ride and a bouncy ride which is better left for cargo hauling or towing items. For those who do not have any intentions of leaving the city, better consider the Strada, which was available from 2007 to current. Comfortable to be in and not to forget feature loaded too.

2002-2011 Nissan Frontier/Frontier Navara - Another case of having two generations using a different name, the Frontier is one good pick but here is the catch. The Frontier, sold from 1998, is still available under the Bravado moniker. It has a spine punishing ride but still a dependable workhorse, and a good choice for work than play. They said that the more, the merrier; and the Frontier Navara obliges the driver with more horses and torque, but the negatives of this generation include a cramped rear bench and a low height, a disadvantage for off-roading.

2002-2011 Ford Ranger - Staying true to its "Built Tough" slogan, this is one dependable workhorse. Power and torque are the game, since it provides you, with tons of them. For your guidance, 1999 to 2006 models do not have CRDi technology, but 2007 and later does; so if I were you, go with the latter models.

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