Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Bargains of Christmas - Asian Utility and Multi Purpose Vehicles

Christmas is just around the corner, and you're asking what car would you want to gift to yourself (if you are good this year) or to your loved ones. Your Ultimate Used Car Guide is here to solve the problem by giving you some recommendations.

So, how are these bargain picks are chosen? Here are some criteria that were followed:
  • A vehicle must be available between 2002-2011
  • Reported problems from owners are minimal, they are based from local forums and several of my reviews
  • Vehicle value must be excellent, since they are good bargains. 
  • Must offer a competitive advantage over its rivals and must fit the buyers needs in a category
  • Availability in the second hand market must be widespread
Asian Utility and Multi Purpose Vehicles are popular in the country for several reasons. They have a high degree of flexibility, maintenance costs do not eat up the kids tuition fees, tough like nails, and importantly, affordable to buy. Seeking for a new family ride without breaking the bank for the holidays? Let your Ultimate Used Car Guide lead you.

Sure, it may not have side facing seats but it is not matagtag like other AUVs. But this vehicle sold well for numerous good arguments: multitude of variants to choose from, enough ground clearance that can tackle the worst roads that our country has to offer, car like interior, and that good ol' Toyota reliability. Just make sure to evaluate your needs on what trim level you'll purchase, but for everyday needs the E model takes all the goods and has enough comfort creatures to please everyone.

Other bets:
2002-2011 Mitsubishi Adventure - A popular choice among second hand car buyers who are seeking a reliable family car. The advantages of this AUV are the numerous units doting the second hand market, wide range of models, parts can be acquired anywhere, and affordable to purchase. The diesel engine, shared with the L300 van, was upgraded in 2004 and that is the model to look for. There is a gas model but we favor diesel powered ones. The GLS Sport variant is the one to look, but 2007 and later GLX trims have power amenities.

2002-2005 Toyota Revo - This does not look like a box or carton during its selling years, and wide a wide range of trim levels to choose from, there is a Toyota Revo for everybody. Unlike the Mitsu, it has two gasoline motivators and a lone diesel burner. The 1.8 model is decent with the manual, sluggish with the automatic; while the 2.0 one guzzles gas like there is no tomorrow (we bet that the Innova 2.0 consumes less), and the 2.4 diesel is the engine to get. Despite the discontinued line, parts are easy to procure. A GLX or Sports Runner will do your duties without fuss.

2002-2011 Isuzu Crosswind - Afraid of gas prices? Well this is my pick for you. Crosswinds are reliable, durable, and capable; but at the expense of comfort and refinement. This will outlive you and your kids but can do the job and a great partner. Problem is, automatics tend to be slowpokes when accelerating, so look for a manual version. Prices are above the Revo and Adventure, which opens up to other alternatives. Look for a XUV unit, since all you need is there.

2007-2011 Kia Carens - Those wanting a car-like drive and comfort should consider the Kia Carens. While space is not that wide, you can imagine the flexibility inside that you can place several stuff on it. The revelation is the 6 speed manual with the 2.0 diesel combo; it is fast, really fast. Make sure to find that combo to have that grin on your face while driving.

2008-2011 Nissan Grand Livina - Another pick for drivers who are tired of back aches due to truck like frames of their vehicles. It may be low in height but the length can bring a lot of legroom. They said that it drives like a sedan, and it does. The model to look for is the 1.8 Elite which has a standard 6 speed stick, which makes things fun. 

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