Sunday, November 3, 2013

Car Profiles - Mitsubishi Pajero (2007-Current)

2007-Current Mitsubishi Pajero

The Good: Refined, off-road capability

The Bad: Styling not for everyone, heavy

The Say: Still a great buy, but superior competitors have been coming to the scene.

Go For: 3.2 Di-D
Avoid: 3.8 MIVEC

Price Range: P1,600,000-P2,100,000
Our Rating: ***

Related Review: None as of the Moment
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Car Choices:
Same case with the previous generation model, we would vouch for the 165hp 3.2 4-cylinder diesel as it provides enough grunt and pull. Plus, finding for one isn't a huge problem as it is the common engine.

Carried over from the previous model is the 3.8 V6 gasoline which carries 250hp. While acceleration is fast, it also can be said with its fuel consumption.

Whatever engine you choose, standard amenities are the same: six airbags, ABS brakes, stability control known as the M-ASTC, tire pressure monitor, rear parking sensors (vital in a huge vehicle like this), fog lamps, HID headlights, headlamp washers, leather seats, LED interior lighting, power mirrors with fold, six disc changer, cruise control, Bluetooth, keyless entry, and alarm. Added later in 2012 were GPS navigation with LCD screen and reverse camera. Launched in May 2013 was a Pajero 30th Anniversary Limited Edition that added chrome garnish in the spare tire casing, Pajero logo in the side step illumination, side mirror deflector, and scuff plate, unique pre-numbered 30th anniversary edition emblem on the glovebox, and only available with the diesel.

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