Saturday, November 9, 2013

Feature Story - The Twelve Cars of Christmas

You definitely know the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas". So here at The Ultimate Used Car Guide, we'll give it a twist. You know our tradition during the holidays apart from our Best Bargains List per category, there is a story which involves, well, used cars. If last year we had Santa Claus asking us for his sleigh, this time we'll take a cue from the abovementioned song. Rather than turtle doves and pipers piping, we'll have cars. And these cars that would be included in this song will have their reviews starting with the first on November 14.

Care to know these cars? I won't give any clue but they will be arranged from the most expensive (the first one) to the cheapest. So, watch out for November 14.

What cars shall we have under the mistletoe? 
Oh, before I forget, our annual Bargains of Christmas will start this November 23. Hold off that purchase and read our guide first.

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