Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Ultimate Used Car Guide to give away cars this December

We're going to tell you in advance guys, we are celebrating our third anniversary this December and for the first time in Philippine (and possibly world history) that we are giving away  cars (yes, you heard it right) to one lucky chap on December 24, 8pm, in front of Quiapo Church.

Promo mechanics are this: Tell us in your most creative way on why do you deserve to win these cars for Christmas by uploading your video in Youtube and sending the link as a message. You may use any language (please provide a translation) and should be done in a maximum of 10 minutes.

The cars that we are going to give away are 5 Old New Stock Mazda RX-8 that were supposed to be sold but not pushed through due to some issues (not within the car). They have not been used since 2004 and they are stocked in a warehouse far far away in some secret place that had not been flooded and invaded by any politician or any real estate developer.

Get a chance to win one of five old new Mazda RX-8
We are giving away these cars and you are responsible for registering these cars under your name but do not worry they have clean titles and were not flooded ever since. Also, we will take care of transporting these vehicles to your place but we will not be the ones to make a parking lot at your area. Promo until December 1, 2014 and for more questions, you may view the cars in Mexico Road, Pampanga.

Promo is only available for the residents of the Philippines only. No Filipinos abroad joining here.

Ok guys, you know the drill. Happy April Fools!

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