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Used Car Review - Porsche Boxster (2005-2012)

It's time for fun under the sun courtesy of Myk Belmonte's suggestion.

2005-2012 Porsche Boxster

We all know that the 911 is the star of a Porsche dealership anywhere in the world. However, not everyone can afford and not a fit to everyone's tastes and personality. This is where the Boxster fits in, the one car that saved Porsche from being purchased back then. The rest, as they say, is history.

The second generation Boxster (under the codename 987) was first seen in the 2004 Paris Motor Show and put to sale the following year. While the shape is similar to the previous generation model, there are minor differences to begin with while the interior gets circular motifs in it. The 981 was introduced in March 2012, effectively discontinuing this series.

PGA Cars launched the 987 Boxster in 2005, alongside the Carrera and 997. Variants include the 2.7 (upgraded to 2.9 in 2009), 3.2 (became the 3.4) and the indent basis Spyder.

Value and Costs
If you want one, then prices for a 987 Boxster fall between P2,000,000-P4,000,000. Our very number one rule when it comes to buying premium branded vehicles: go for the pre-owned route.

Maintenance costs are definitely on the upper side of the scale, especially when compared to its German compatriots. As with top down cars, check if the canvas works properly and free of water leaks.

Exterior and Interior
While the car bears resemblance to the 986, there are some distinctions done to the vehicle which includes Carrera GT-like headlamps, intake valves which are horizontally slated and done in silver color, and larger wheel arches to accommodate wheels up to 19 inch in diameter. Add to this (which is subjective and my opinion) is a timeless design.

Mickey Mouse would feel at home when driving the Boxster, especially that circles are present in the air-con vents and instrument cluster. The audio controls are wanting, since they are small and tiny. Good thing is that seats are comfortable and baggage's are welcome in the front portion and a little at the back.

Two engine options sold in a regular basis and one that can be had through an indent basis are available throughout selling life, with all of them being flat six engines. The base one is a 2.7 (upgraded to a 2.9 in February 2009) that has power good for 240hp at 6,400rpm and torque pegged at 270Nm at 4,700-6,000rpm (255hp at the same rpm range for the 2.9 and 290Nm but the initial range is lowered to 4,400rpm). Next in line which powers the S model is a 3.2 (later updates bumped the displacement to a 3.4) having 280hp at 6,200rpm and 320Nm at 4,700-6,000rpm (the 3.4 models get 310hp at 6,400rpm and 360Nm at 4,400-5,500rpm). A 3.4 engine available in the Spyder having 320hp at 7,200rpm and 370Nm at 4,750rpm. So when it comes to performance, we can sum up to this: the 2.7 being mild, the 3.2 the moderate, and the Spyder a wild one in terms of power. Do take note that units until the first month of 2009 made do with a 5-speed 'matic, with an option between a 7-speed dual clutch (or PDK) and a manual transmission for the units sold after that date.

Driving Impressions
Have the vehicle driven anywhere, flats or curves, and it will stay planted on the ground while remaining its fun to drive demeanor. You'll never run out of excuses to have fun with this convertible, especially that it invites you to drive one for yourself.

Going pre-owned gives you the possibilities of driving home something that you can't afford before. Although you can't have that sweet new car smell, the function and performance matters. The 987 Boxster, despite nearly 10 years old when it was first launched, is a fine piece of automotive. You'll love it, I say it to you.

The Good: 
  • Fun to toss around
  • Numerous engine options
  • Stirling appearance
The Bad:
  • Expensive maintenance costs
  • Busy audio control layout
  • Not for all tastes
The Pick: Boxster S

Engines: 2.7 (2005-January 2009), 2.9 (February 2009-November 2012), 3.2 (2005-January 2009), 3.4 (February 2009-November 2012) flat six gasoline
Power: 240hp @ 6,400rpm (2.7), 255hp @ 6,400rpm (2.9), 280hp @ 6,200rpm (3.2), 310hp @ 6,400rpm (3.4), 320hp @ 7,200 (Spyder)
Torque: 270Nm @ 4,700-6,000rpm (2.7), 290Nm @ 4,400-6,000rpm (2.9), 320Nm @ 4,700-6,000rpm (3.2), 360Nm @ 4,400-5,500rpm (3.4), 370Nm @ 4,750rpm (Spyder)
Fuel Consumption: 4-7km/L (city), 8-10km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: 5-speed automatic (2005-January 2009), 6-speed manual (February 2009-November 2012), 7-speed PDK/dual clutch (February 2009-November 2012)
Suspension: Front and rear independent McPherson strut

Price (New): P4,500,000-P5,900,000 (price of Spyder not included due to order basis status)
Price (Now): P2,000,000-P4,000,000
Rivals: BMW Z4, Mercedes Benz SLK Class, Volvo C70
On Sale: 2005-2012

PGA Cars Mandaluyong - (02) 727-0145

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