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Used Car Review - Nissan Verita (2000-2007)

Today is April 1st and Myk Belmonte throws in a funky looking vehicle for this foolish day.

2000-2007 Nissan Verita

We mere mortals know the charm that a Mini Cooper (whether the British Motor Corporation built ones or the latest from BMW) can offer. It has boxy lines that will resist looking dated and for the girls, a laglag panty reaction when one sees a unit pass by.

The Micra lineage of vehicles (also known as the March) from Nissan can be traced back in 1982 starting from the K10 platform. The second generation under the K11 codename appeared 10 years later which became the basis of the Verita, launched in 1999 and also called as the Bolero. The Verita featured a different exterior and interior treatment which makes an ordinary variant go home.

Following the Toyota Echo, Nissan Motor Philippines (under Yulon's operation) launched the Verita in a time hatchbacks aren't ready to persuade customers wallets, yet. While the Echo got the axe in 2003, this one stayed a little longer until it was finally dropped in 2007, a period where the category is heating up.

Value and Costs
With just 2,000 units that were sold locally, finding one in the classifieds can be summarized in a single digit number units of them for sale, less than a Sentra of the same period. If you want one, prepare to shell between P200,000-P280,000 for a unit.

Thanks to a 1.3 engine, this is one fuel sipper in which you can enjoy the car while being economically conscious. One beef with this vehicle is the switchgear that fails especially it can be traced in the driver side power window buttons. So have it checked first or suffer the consequences.

Exterior and Interior
Love it or hate it, these are the reactions that you will blurt out when you lay your eyes upon this vehicle. Chrome (probably influenced by the Sentra Exalta STA) is evident throughout the vehicle from the door handles, bumper garnish, and other locations outside. The big news is the retro theme that resembles classic British vehicles from the 60s that can be reminiscent of the Toyota Classic.

It is a blast to the past when riding inside, whether you are driving or just a passenger. Wood treatments in the steering wheel and dashboard are nice touches; leather upholstery is everywhere which is a rarity in this class. Oh, let us not forget that it is versatile and can accommodate four people in a comfortable manner.

A CG13DE 1,275cc carrying 75hp at 6,000rpm and 99Nm at 4,000rpm is the sole option for the Verita. Mated to an automatic transmission, it does supply you adequate acceleration inside the city but comes short and breathless for overtaking situations. By the way, this is a fuel injected model and not something living in the carburetor age.

Driving Impressions
Jump in to the driver's seat and you'll be rewarded with an upright position, which is what the doctor ordered. To complete the luxurious touch the vehicle has to offer, drive it on a zen manner which is not always being in a rush.

As they say, novelty wears off. Rare vehicles which may be unique from mainstream offerings have their own shelf life. The Verita has its own cult following but its time had passed by. If you prefer to be different from the rest, then this is the one.

The Good:
  • Easy to drive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to make others smile
The Bad:
  • You will complain that it does not have a manual
  • You will complain of its appearance
  • You will complain if your friends tease you
The Pick: 1.3

Engine: 1,275cc CG13DE 4-cylinder gasoline
Power: 75hp @ 6,000rpm
Torque: 99Nm @ 4,000rpm
Fuel Consumption: 9-11km/L (city), 10-12km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: 4-speed automatic
Suspension: Front independent McPherson strut, rear independent torsion beam

Price (New): P730,000-P800,000
Price (Now): P200,000-P280,000
Rivals: Toyota Echo, Chevrolet Aveo, Honda Jazz
On Sale: 2000-2007 (limited quantities between 2005-2007)

Nissan Mantrade - (02) 812-6789
Nissan Gallery Ortigas - (02) 635-5888
Nissan Gallery Quezon Avenue - (02) 731-5308

Photos from http://olx.ph/38231170

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