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Car Features - May 2015 Philippines Car Sales Figures

In May 2015, 23,248 cars found a buyer which brings the total to 131,846 for the year. They've just updated the figures just recently so let's go to the details.

No bunch of surprises here, the Vios sells 2,886 (that's just almost the same amount when the sales of the Fortuners and Montero Sports sold in the same month are combined) units, which incidentally was their record month. The other three vehicles following are also Toyotas, which are the Fortuner at #2 (also it's year to date), Hiace at #3, and Innova at #4 (the Innova stands tall against the former car in a yearly basis though). Lastly, the Montero Sport is the non-Toyota in the top 5 which despite threats from the leader seller, it does not rest on its laurels.

Other great performers in the top include the Toyota Wigo, Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Mirage G4, Honda City, and Isuzu MU-X


Note: Not all vehicles are included in this list such as the Audi A4, Chevrolet Camaro, Chevrolet Suburban, Hyundai Eon, Lexus RX, Kia Optima, Mitsubishi L300, Subaru BRZ, Subaru Legacy, Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki SX4, and Volvo S60. Newly launched cars like the Honda Mobilio aren't also included here.


Toyota Vios - 2,886 units

Toyota Hiace - 1,513 units

Mitsubishi Mirage G4 - 873 units

Honda City - 618 units

MAY 2015 (Ranked by the best selling models in that month)
VehicleSales (January-May)Sales (May)
1Toyota Vios14,2642,886
2Toyota Fortuner9,810 1,614
3Toyota Hiace7,474 1,513
4Toyota Innova7,852 1,363
5Mitsubishi Montero Sport6,913 1,040
6Toyota Wigo5,223 886
7Mitsubishi Mirage G43,947 873
8Ford Ranger 4,566 767
9Isuzu MU-X4,011 665
10Honda City3,751 618
11Ford Ecosport3,866 615
12Toyota Hilux3,753 583
13Toyota Avanza3,598 547
14Mitsubishi Strada1,983 544
15Hyundai Accent3,036 478
16Mitsubishi Adventure2,711 458
17Mitsubishi Mirage2,641 451
18Kia Picanto2,207 414
19Nissan Navara1,399 411
20Toyota Corolla Altis2,298 382
21Nissan Urvan2,034 382
22Chevrolet Trailblazer2,377 358
23Isuzu Crosswind1,909 296
24Suzuki Ertiga1,570 276
25Kia Rio1,271 236
26Hyundai Grand Starex1,092 227
27Chevrolet Spin1,395 208
28Suzuki Swift1,088 191
29Isuzu D-Max1,459 183
30Honda Jazz898 169
31Toyota FJ Cruiser1,061 163
32Honda Brio/Brio Amaze945 150
33Suzuki Alto519 146
34Mazda 3812 146
35Subaru Forester749 143
36Hyundai Tucson704 122
37Toyota Yaris679 116
38Suzuki APV681 115
39Toyota Land Cruiser 200385 111
40Honda CRV657 110
41Nissan Almera918 107
42Mitsubishi Lancer EX583 98
43Honda Civic416 96
44Ford Fiesta792 94
45Nissan XTrail519 88
46Kia Sorento402 81
47Subaru XV407 73
48Ford Explorer521 72
49Toyota Camry289 70
50Hyundai Santa Fe465 66
51Ford Everest808 65
52Toyota RAV4366 64
53Mazda CX-5409 61
54Mazda 2379 56
55Suzuki Jimny255 56
56Chevrolet Sonic391 52
57Hyundai Elantra227 46
58Toyota Prado215 43
59Kia Sportage366 42
60Chevrolet Colorado321 40
61Mitsubishi Pajero305 37
62Honda Odyssey16337
63Mitsubishi ASX218 36
64BMW 5-Series99 36
65Ford Mustang59 35
66Chevrolet Captiva190 34
67BMW 3-Series123 33
68Jeep Wrangler Rubicon104 32
69Toyota Alphard10731
70Ford Focus166 30
71Suzuki Grand Vitara227 29
72Ford Escape108 26
73Volkswagen Polo75 24
74Chevrolet Spark215 24
75Lexus NX200t98 23
76Nissan Sylphy211 19
77Honda Accord76 19
78Subaru WRX119 19
79Mazda BT-50135 17
80Kia Carens131 15
81Nissan Patrol93 15
82Kia Soul108 13
83Mercedes-Benz E-Class56 12
84Peugeot 30114 11
85Mazda 656 11
86Kia Carnival97 11
87BMW 2-Series11 11
88BMW 4-Series26 11
89BMW 7-Series34 11
90Subaru WRX STI 45 10
91MINI Cooper47 10
92Lexus IS35073 10
93Mercedes-Benz C-Class59 10
94Tata Manza24 9
95Chevrolet Orlando42 9
96Peugeot 300877 9
97Tata Xenon25 8
98BMW X49 8
99Volkswagen Beetle93 7
100Lexus ES35048 7
101Mercedes-Benz S-Class40 7
102Volkswagen Touran29 7
103Tata Vista18 6
104Hyundai Sonata13 6
105BAIC MZ4038 6
106Mercedes-Benz A-Class34 6
107Lexus LX57034 6
108Nissan Grand Livina7 5
109Jeep Grand Cherokee43 5
110Volkswagen Golf GTI20 5
111Honda CR-Z22 4
112Dodge Durango19 4
113Honda Pilot10 4
114BMW M4 Coupe4 4
115Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-410 4
116Peugeot 500822 4
117Peugeot Expert Tepee294
118Chevrolet Cruze33 3
119BYD L38 3
120Nissan Altima53 3
121Chevrolet Malibu12 3
122Toyota 8671 3
123Hyundai Genesis Coupe29 3
124Mazda CX-935 3
125Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class15 3
126Dodge Challenger7 3
127Porsche Macan42 3
128Audi Q77 3
129Volvo V40 Cross Country213
130Audi Q3203
131Volkswagen Tiguan31 2
132Ford Expedition9 2
133Mitsubishi L20050 2
134Peugeot 50841 2
135Porsche Cayman8 2
136Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class9 2
137Audi Q512 2
138MINI Countryman12 2
139Toyota Previa82
140BYD F09 1
141BAIC A113/A1153 1
142Volkswagen Jetta7 1
143Peugeot RCZ16 1
144BAIC MZ454 1
145Dodge Ram 150015 1
146Audi A1 Sportback20 1
147Mercedes-Benz B-Class14 1
148Audi A339 1
149Lexus LS460 L14 1
150Lexus RCF29 1
151Mercedes-Benz SLK Class5 1
152Porsche Boxster10 1
153BMW M34 1
154Bentley Continental GT V8 S2 1
155Lexus GX46010 1
156Volkswagen Touareg18 1
157Porsche Cayenne11 1
158Chrysler Town & Country101
159BYD F5 Suri3 0
160Peugeot 208 Gti5 0
161BAIC X4241 0
162BYD S61 0
163Toyota Prius C3 0
164Toyota Prius00
165Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class1 0
166Audi A6 2 0
167BAIC A523T00
168Porsche Panamera2 0
169Bentley Flying Spur V83 0
170Chrysler 300C1 0
171BMW 6-Series1 0
172Bentley Mulsanne00
173Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-41 0
174Audi R83 0
175Porsche 911 Carrera14 0
176Mercedes-Benz SL-Class1 0
177Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG00
178Bentley Continental GT3-R00
179Mercedes-Benz M-Class00
180BMW X63 0
181Mercedes-Benz GL-Class5 0
182Mercedes-Benz G-Class6 0
183MINI Paceman110
184Volvo XC7010
185Lexus CT 200h00

VehicleSales (January-May)
1Toyota Vios14,264
2Toyota Fortuner9,810
3Toyota Innova7,852
4Toyota Hiace7,474
5Mitsubishi Montero Sport6,913
6Toyota Wigo5,223
7Ford Ranger 4,566
8Isuzu MU-X4,011
9Mitsubishi Mirage G43,947
10Ford Ecosport3,866
11Toyota Hilux3,753
12Honda City3,751
13Toyota Avanza3,598
14Hyundai Accent3,036
15Mitsubishi Adventure2,711
16Mitsubishi Mirage2,641
17Chevrolet Trailblazer2,377
18Toyota Corolla Altis2,298
19Kia Picanto2,207
20Nissan Urvan2,034
21Mitsubishi Strada1,983
22Isuzu Crosswind1,909
23Suzuki Ertiga1,570
24Isuzu D-Max1,459
25Nissan Navara1,399
26Chevrolet Spin1,395
27Kia Rio1,271
28Hyundai Grand Starex1,092
29Suzuki Swift1,088
30Toyota FJ Cruiser1,061
31Honda Brio/Brio Amaze945
32Nissan Almera918
33Honda Jazz898
34Mazda 3812
35Ford Everest808
36Ford Fiesta792
37Subaru Forester749
38Hyundai Tucson704
39Suzuki APV681
40Toyota Yaris679
41Honda CRV657
42Mitsubishi Lancer EX583
43Ford Explorer521
44Suzuki Alto519
45Nissan XTrail519
46Hyundai Santa Fe465
47Honda Civic416
48Mazda CX-5409
49Subaru XV407
50Kia Sorento402
51Chevrolet Sonic391
52Toyota Land Cruiser 200385
53Mazda 2379
54Toyota RAV4366
55Kia Sportage366
56Chevrolet Colorado321
57Mitsubishi Pajero305
58Toyota Camry289
59Suzuki Jimny255
60Hyundai Elantra227
61Suzuki Grand Vitara227
62Mitsubishi ASX218
63Toyota Prado215
64Chevrolet Spark215
65Nissan Sylphy211
66Chevrolet Captiva190
67Ford Focus166
68Honda Odyssey163
69Mazda BT-50135
70Kia Carens131
71BMW 3-Series123
72Subaru WRX119
73Ford Escape108
74Kia Soul108
75Toyota Alphard107
76Jeep Wrangler Rubicon104
77BMW 5-Series99
78Lexus NX200t98
79Kia Carnival97
80Nissan Patrol93
81Volkswagen Beetle93
82Peugeot 300877
83Honda Accord76
84Volkswagen Polo75
85Lexus IS35073
86Toyota 8671
87Ford Mustang59
88Mercedes-Benz C-Class59
89Mercedes-Benz E-Class56
90Mazda 656
91Nissan Altima53
92Mitsubishi L20050
93Lexus ES35048
94MINI Cooper47
95Subaru WRX STI 45
96Jeep Grand Cherokee43
97Chevrolet Orlando42
98Porsche Macan42
99Peugeot 50841
100Mercedes-Benz S-Class40
101Audi A339
102BAIC MZ4038
103Mazda CX-935
104BMW 7-Series34
105Mercedes-Benz A-Class34
106Lexus LX57034
107Chevrolet Cruze33
108Volkswagen Tiguan31
109Volkswagen Touran29
110Peugeot Expert Tepee29
111Hyundai Genesis Coupe29
112Lexus RCF29
113BMW 4-Series26
114Tata Xenon25
115Tata Manza24
116Honda CR-Z22
117Peugeot 500822
118Volvo V40 Cross Country21
119Volkswagen Golf GTI20
120Audi Q320
121Audi A1 Sportback20
122Dodge Durango19
123Tata Vista18
124Volkswagen Touareg18
125Peugeot RCZ16
126Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class15
127Dodge Ram 150015
128Peugeot 30114
129Mercedes-Benz B-Class14
130Lexus LS460 L14
131Porsche 911 Carrera14
132Hyundai Sonata13
133Chevrolet Malibu12
134Audi Q512
135MINI Countryman12
136BMW 2-Series11
137Porsche Cayenne11
138MINI Paceman11
139Honda Pilot10
140Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-410
141Porsche Boxster10
142Lexus GX46010
143Chrysler Town & Country10
144BMW X49
145Ford Expedition9
146Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class9
147BYD F09
148BYD L38
149Porsche Cayman8
150Toyota Previa8
151Nissan Grand Livina7
152Dodge Challenger7
153Audi Q77
154Volkswagen Jetta7
155Mercedes-Benz G-Class6
156Mercedes-Benz SLK Class5
157Peugeot 208 Gti5
158Mercedes-Benz GL-Class5
159BMW M4 Coupe4
160BAIC MZ454
161BMW M34
162BAIC A113/A1153
163BYD F5 Suri3
164Toyota Prius C3
165Bentley Flying Spur V83
166Audi R83
167BMW X63
168Bentley Continental GT V8 S2
169Audi A6 2
170Porsche Panamera2
171BAIC X4241
172BYD S61
173Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class1
174Chrysler 300C1
175BMW 6-Series1
176Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-41
177Mercedes-Benz SL-Class1
178Volvo XC701
179Toyota Prius0
180BAIC A523T0
181Bentley Mulsanne0
182Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG0
183Bentley Continental GT3-R0
184Mercedes-Benz M-Class0
185Lexus CT 200h0

To see last month's sales figures, check January-April 2015 while per segment of the same time can be viewed here.

May 2015 per segment can be seen here.


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