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Quickie Used Car Review - Kia Rio Sedan (2006-2011)

2006-2011 Kia Rio Sedan

The Good: Ride is comfortable, rev happy engine

The Bad: Simplistic interior, absence of safety features

The Say: A basic car perfect for the lowly budget, but if you are willing to look beyond the badge.

Go For: 1.4 EX
Avoid: Ex-taxi units

Price Range: P240,000-P320,000
Our Rating: ***

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Vehicle Overview
After the lackluster first generation model sold in the earlier part of the decade, the second generation Rio now shares a platform with the Hyundai Accent which made things more better. While a hatchback was offered in this generation, it was dropped after a year due to slow sales.

If the first generation model was crude enough, this one improved a notch by offering higher than average reliability and decent driving experience. Only one engine option is available, a 1.4 gasoline which does not carry any variable valve-timing technology but is flexible enough at any situations. Ride quality is biased towards comfort, especially that passengers get thick seats as standard.

Although hard plastics come standard, the interior is as basic as one can get especially that no airbags come present. Cabin space is spacious enough for four people and going beyond would mean uncomfortable plus trunk space is decent for the category. For those who are considering a 2010 and above unit, do take note that is has a reverse gear placed beside the first gear which may be daunting for first timers.

What Should I Get
Throughout selling life, the main variant would be the EX and this is our choice especially that it is fully kitted that includes the 93hp 1.4 engine, CD player, all power features, 60/40 fold rear seat, steel wheels, and that's it. An automatic transmission option was added in late 2007 as initial models were sold with a manual. An update in October 2009 had a basic LX added in the line-up which only retains power steering and an audio system plus you can get it in color white and manual transmission. LX models are differentiated by their black door handles and side mirrors, as opposed to the EX's body colored ones.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Since this vehicle had its stint as a taxicab, parts availability is tops and there are Korean parts specialist shops as an alternative to a dealer. Fuel consumption is decent for the category with manuals being more efficient compared to their automatic counterparts. One thing to look are the stabilizer links, which is a weak point of this vehicle.

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