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Car Spots: Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Meet our new section in which new cars also join the fun: Car Spots. In this section, we would evaluate brand new cars if they could stack up initially with competitors and noteworthy of your consideration. This is not a full length review, just to be reminded.

Our first vehicle to be evaluated on Car Spots is the Mitsubishi Mirage G4, basically the sedan version of the Mirage hatchback. If the hatchback derivative sold well, we shall see if this would hold a candle against other sub-compacts in the market.

Pardon the photo quality as I used my cellphone camera for this. Mirage G4 (GLS variant) unit spotted in SM Megamall.

Unlike the hatchback which offers funky colors (which has lime similar to the Picanto), the G4 is more of a guy presented in suit ready for the JS Prom. It has more formal styling which is geared for the young family than the bachelor readying for the corporate world. I can't help but to say the G4's styling is a mix of the Ford Fiesta/Mazda 2 sedan, Honda City, and Hyundai Accent sedan. Vehicle length plays 4,245mm which is longer than the Suzuki Swift Dzire (3,995mm), but it is smaller than the Ford Fiesta sedan (4,320mm), Kia Rio sedan (4,365mm), Hyundai Accent sedan (4,370mm), 2013 Toyota Vios (4,410mm), and Honda City (4,430mm). Do take note the Mirage G4 GLS which is being evaluated here wears 15 inch wheels while GLX has 14 inch steel rims with hubcaps. Oh, the rear badge includes a G4 name so people would not confuse you.

Since I came from school and had my hair raised up, sitting at the back didn't made my hair messy! I was very amazed at the back especially it rivals the Honda City, 2007-2013 Toyota Vios, and even the Hyundai i10 when it comes to headroom. Upfront, seating position was high and controls for the touchscreen radio and air-conditioning are within my reach. Quality, I was very impressed with the materials that were used. These items are exclusive to the GLS variant: power windows, touchscreen monitor with navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, SD card and iPod ready, leather steering wheel with radio controls, and a push button ignition key. GLX models come with window cranks, 2-DIN radio minus the navigation, Bluetooth, and SD card and iPod connection, leather material on the tiller, automatic climate control, push button ignition, and ABS brakes. Dual airbags are standard with the Suzuki having none. Trunk space is large, impressive for such a small car.

Same with the hatchback, the Mirage G4 has a 1.2 3-cylinder gasoline engine which pumps out 78hp at 6,000rpm and 100Nm at 4,000rpm. If we compare it to the Suzuki Swift Dzire and Kia Rio which carries 86hp and 87hp respectively and with both having 4-cylinder engines, the Mirage is a bit less than the two. We just have to say that it is fuel friendly and the salesperson I talked to said "wala naman gaano kalaban na 1.2 engine". The Vios is too big to have competition with this. Let us wait for future reviews if this can deliver. Before I leave, available transmissions are a manual and a continuously variable transmission.

Is the Mirage G4 sulit? Weirdly, the sedan's price is higher than the hatchback and priced above the Swift Dzire at P568,000. Since this is not yet listed in the website of Mitsubishi Philippines, CarGuide published them on their price guide for September. GLX variants are priced at P578,000 for the MT and P628,000 for the CVT while the GLS is pegged at P668,000 for the MT and P718,000 for the CVT. In that price range, it rivals low end models of the Toyota Vios, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Ford Fiesta, and Nissan Almera. The money can buy you more features (especially in the GLS) and space but those who want more room and power might find competitors better bargains. Those who are budget conscious and want more without spending more money and resources, this is the one to get.

After the Lancer Cedia's lackluster sales performance, it was time for Mitsubishi to introduce the Mirage G4. You get a host of amenities for less coupled with a fuel efficient engine and roomy cabin. We would pick this over the Swift Dzire but if other rivals come to the picture, we'll check and test drive if they meet our needs. The salesperson said to me "Hindi ito kalaban ng Vios dahil maliit". 

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Many thanks to:
John Paul V. Recreo
Sales Executive, Diamond Motors Valle Verde


  1. We got this car two weeks ago and it is perfect for our needs. We managed to travel with 5 person(incl driver) while using aircon for 600 kms with plenty of fuel left. The lcd screen with gps is a treat. Legroom is superb. Trunk space is big. It has enough power to travel with ease. Good job.

  2. I rather to choose swift dezire. Small trunk but it is enough for 1.2,, big trunk which if loaded with 5 person I dont think you can climb to baguio.

    1. Yes you can i have already done it with 2 cavans of rice 5 ppl ncld me driver... Plus our baggage in trunk too

  3. Hi Jon, you mean swift dzire can easily defeat mirage g4 for travels like baguio?

  4. I am about to buy a swift dzire tomorrow. Was talked into it by my agent who said that dzire has 4 cylinders, 2 torques, 87hp and way more fuel efficient. I really wanted a mirage g4 but i was convinced that dzire is more efficient. More advice, anyone? Thanks.

  5. Hi Jon, you mean swift dzire can easily defeat mirage g4 for travels like baguio?

  6. Maybe this would help:

    And this:

  7. Hi guys,

    I just want to know how long is the average waiting time for this car. I made a full down payment last Oct. 21 but I am still waiting for it until now. My sales agent can't tell me how long do I need to wait.

    Thank you.

  8. Replies
    1. I have no idea on when will units arrive but this is because of the demand. Just wait and you'll enjoy your car.

  9. Hi guys!

    I'm planning to buy this car soon but i have doubts if it can carry 5 persons to high places like antipolo or tagaytay with luggage. Mitsubishi offers a 65k discount this christmas.

  10. I went to ilocos norte from quezon city using my g4 gls :) so happy with that car.. so fuel efficient!

  11. Went to vigan and pagudpod 4 of us including driver with my glx a/t and a fully loaded trunk good for 6days! Took us 2k worth of fuel (fuel save ng shell) back and forth Taguig. Super fuel efficient! I had doubts at first. Honestly.. But to our surprise.... Happy!!!

  12. Went to vigan ang pagudpod with my glx mirage g4.../ 2k worth of fuel back and forth ilocos/Taguig. 6 days trip fully loaded trunk with 4pax including myself. So fuel efficient! No joke!!! IT may have itd downs in its interior... But definitely all ups to its performance!

  13. Good day! I just want to find out if oil filter is in the list of consumables and would it affect my warranty if in case i dont want to use mitsubishi's service for change oil. And another thing, id like to know as well what are the pros and cons if i dont use their(mitsubishi) service vs other car service like shell. Hoping for a response. Thanks!