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Quickie Used Car Review - Toyota Vios (2003-2007)

2003-2007 Toyota Vios

The Good: Practical and fuel friendly

The Bad: Stiff suspension when driven in twisty roads, hard to read gauges

The Say: With low prices, the Vios is a great proposition when you need a city cruiser that does not hurt the wallet.

Go For: 1.3 E/1.5 G
Avoid: 1.5 S

Price Range: P190,000-P300,000
Our Rating: ***

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Vehicle Overview
Toyota's second attempt on the sub-compact race is the Vios sedan, which became a success than the related Echo hatchback that was launched earlier. Replacing the Soluna sub-compact sold in certain South East Asian markets, this one is based on the Japanese Platz albeit with different body panels.

Unlike the Echo hatchback which got a sole 1.3 engine, this one can be had with either 1.3 or 1.5 engines that both feel lively in the low range and both are fuel injected, unlike the carburetor fuel system of old models.

While the City has innovative amenities like a rear folding seat, the Vios has nothing special inside. The interior is lifted from its hatchback sibling although some modifications were done which includes the center mounted gauges. Some demerits include out-of-reach controls and parking brake and the somewhat hard to read gauges. Four people will fit fine inside but five isn't comfortable to begin with.

What Should I Get
When it was first launched in May 2003, only the E and G variants were first available. Going for the E gives you the 85hp 1.3 engine plus alloy wheels, power door locks, power windows, power steering, and CD player while an airbag was added in a 2005 update. The G adds an 107hp 1.5 engine, power mirrors, fog lamps, alarm system, and an option for an automatic transmission. Added in a 2005 update for the G were ABS brakes, MP3 capability, and keyless entry with immobilizer. Introduced later on is a basic J variant which rides on steel wheels, has only power steering, strips of its tachometer, gets a cassette tuner, and possesses a driver's airbag while the S gets the 1.5 engine plus body kits and Ipod function.

How Much Would It Cost Me
One selling point of the Vios is its low maintenance costs, especially that spare parts are aplenty and a fuel efficient engine for the 1.3. Not much problems were reported for this vehicle, so do take time on inspecting the desired vehicle since there are a number of them.

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