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Quickie Used Car Review - Honda Civic (2006-2012)

2006-2012 Honda Civic

The Good: Spacious and fun to drive

The Bad: Noisy on high speeds, hard seats

The Say: Definitely a winner in all aspects.

Go For: 1.8 S
Avoid: Modified units

Price Range: P300,000-P600,000
Our Rating: *****

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Vehicle Overview
After a somewhat lackluster (by enthusiasts) seventh generation model, the eighth generation that saw its introduction in 2006 somewhat reclaimed its glory. It still retains its compact dimensions while utilizing new engines.

This vehicle's base engine starts with a 1.8 while competitors make do with 1.6 ones and the 2.0 is carried over from the previous model. Both engines have that requisite VTEC technology and both excel on the upper range, which is a characteristic of Hondas. When it comes to the driving experience, this wouldn't disappoint you since giving this a light foot and it will come to life while having a responsive and smooth engine. The only drawback would be the firm ride which is coupled with rock hard seats, with some may live with.

One thing which started a trend is the two-tier instrumental cluster in which the speedometer is digital while the tachometer is a conventional type and the former does not get washed out in extreme sunlight. Interior quality is tops and space is excellent, with rear passengers getting a flat floor.

What Should I Get
Going with the V will at least give you the 138hp 1.8 engine plus all power amenities, keyless entry, CD player with MP3 function with a May 2009 update (those models can be differentiated by their octagon taillights, as opposed to the earlier models' circular ones) adding ABS brakes, auxilary jack, and USB port (first two items are from the S). The S with the 1.8 engine adds dual airbags and alarm system with later units gaining fog lamps and paddle shift. The 2.0 S can be either had with a manual or an automatic (former removed in the update) transmission, with the three pedaled model adds an automatic climate control and dual exhaust pipes with finisher from the 1.8 S while the automatic adds side airbags, stability control, and leather seats. Made available in August 2011 with 26 units for sale is a Mugen Limited Edition based on the top end model that adds authentic Mugen body kits and a certificate of authentication. Among the available models, we would pick the 1.8 S especially it has everything for your daily driver needs.

How Much Would It Cost Me
When it comes to taking care of this vehicle, maintenance costs are similar to its peers of the same time. This vehicle had its fare share of problem points which includes: front power windows and misaligned  that don't function for the earlier models, engine support mount which needs to be tightened, power steering related issues, ball bearing problems, and belt tensioner. Fuel consumption, given the fact the base engine is a 1.8, is higher which contributes to a low resale value. A recall issued in September 2015 concerning a suspected defective driver side airbag deflator affecting S models happened.

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