Thursday, August 18, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Honda Civic (2012-2016)

2012-2016 Honda Civic

The Good: Comfortable to be in

The Bad: Not that much sporty anymore

The Say: You must see one personally to appreciate it more.

Go For: 1.8 S

Price Range: P550,000-P850,000
Our Rating: ***

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Vehicle Overview
Developed at a time when car manufacturers are doing their cost cutting measures, the ninth generation Civic became smaller than its replacement plus with this being a victim of the global financial meltdown, reviews in North America were less than stellar which prompted to release a "quick fix" a year later. Do take note that ASEAN specifications are different from what North America receives.

Sporting the same engines from the FD model, both of these are capable just like any Honda engine but features an ECON driving mode which makes adjustments internally to further improve fuel mileage. Unlike the sporting nature that previous models are known for, this one has a more relaxed tune with more comfortable seats but going faster gives you a lot of road noise.

Inside, the interior is the opposite of what the previous model is known for. The dashboard theme is subdued (although the two-tier instrumental system is retained) than daring and wrapped with cheap plastics. Spacewise, although shrunken, is still decent just like its rivals.

What Should I Get
First made available in February 2012 is the Japan sourced EXI which rides on a 139hp 1.8 gets items which were later deleted from succeeding models including (with some introduced later in a facelift) side airbags, cruise control, back-up camera, and stability control. July 2012 saw the introduction of Thailand sourced models starting from the base S which at least has all power features, ABS brakes, front airbags, ECON button, multi-information display, alarm, keyless entry, auxiliary jack, and USB with fog lamps added in a May 2014 update. Next is the E that adds side mirror lights and paddle shift with later ones add fog lamps, cruise control, 60/40 fold rear seats, push button start, and Modulo body kits. The EL, which is the top model, adds a 153hp 2.0, leather seats, and automatic climate control with later iterations add side airbags, rain sensing wipers, and auto leveling headlamps.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Not much problems were reported from this vehicle since it is not that of a big seller when compared to the previous models so were going to assume it is trouble free. Maintenance costs are similar to rivals but Honda has maintenance intervals every 10,000kms.

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