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Quickie Used Car Review - Ford Lynx (1999-2005)

1999-2005 Ford Lynx

The Good: Fully equipped and choice of interior materials are excellent.

The Bad: Engines are buzzy at high speeds, firm ride

The Say: A budget car that has more room and equipment.

Go For: 1.6 GSi
Avoid: 1.3 LSi

Price Range: P100,000-P230,000
Our Rating: ***

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See the different versions of this vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
After selling high end but gas guzzling trucks, Ford released products that aim the lower scale of the spectrum such as the Lynx sedan, a compact car based on the Mazda 323/Familia line and sold elsewhere as the Laser, which was previously sold in the Philippines back in the 80s. Unlike earlier Blue Oval models, this one is assembled locally.

When it was first launched, a sole 1.6 engine is available with a base 1.3 and higher end 2.0 engines being made available. All of these engines are rev happy, regardless of what engine you choose and these are Mazda supplied, which means parts are compatible. Driving experience is on the fun side however ride comfort and road noise is a weakness.

Going inside, a conservative interior greets you with the Ghia receiving items reserved for luxury cars as options. Four people can join inside for the ride.

What Should I Get
Added in July 2002 is the basic LSI which has a 80hp 1.3, cassette tuner, and power steering. We'd suggest starting your search with the GSI since it has a 116hp 1.6 engine, all power features, alloy wheels, alarm, keyless entry, and 60/40 fold rear seat with items such as reverse parking sensors and an optional CD changer added later on. Going for the Ghia gives you dual airbags, ABS brakes, fog lamps, leather seats (became optional starting 2002), rear sun shade, disc changer, and sun roof as option. The RS/Centennial Edition, both added in October 2003, adds a 142hp 2.0 engine, sun roof, rear spoiler, a revised grille, sports seats, and standard manual transmission with the main difference lies on the exterior color (RS gets red, Centennials sport black) and interior stitching.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Since this is a Mazda based vehicle, parts and maintenance costs are similar with the usual Japanese nameplates though several replacement components should be sourced from specialist shops. Usual Lynx problem points lies on the suspension system and the idle air control valve.

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