Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quickie Used Car Review - Mitsubishi Fuzion (2007-2015)

2007-2015 Mitsubishi Fuzion

The Good: Rides like a car, good headroom

The Bad: Drinks gas like there's no tomorrow, body roll

The Say: While it has some strengths, there are rivals that do the job better.

Go For: GLS Sport
Avoid: GLX

Price Range: P320,000-P650,000
Our Rating: ***

Full Review: Used Car Review - Mitsubishi Fuzion (2007-2015)

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Vehicle Overview
Riding on the chassis of the first generation Montero Sport, the Fuzion (sold as the Zinger in Taiwan) replaces the Freeca/Adventure line there. Locally, the Fuzion complemented the Adventure but the former was priced higher and rivals the Toyota Innova. Fate, as we know it, had things run the other way around especially that this one got killed while the older model succeeded and got updated later on.

Only one engine is offered: a 2.4 gasoline paired to an automatic transmission. This combination was said to limit its appeal to the buying public but having said that, this engine is torquey and smooth. Another advantage over other rivals is its car-like ride, which is on the comfortable side. However, body roll is present in certain situations.

Going inside, this vehicle rewards you with lots of space in all rows (the third row is best left for kids) and cargo space is excellent. Depending on the variant, one comes with a basic interior while one is fully kitted.

What Should I Get
Going for the GLX gives you a 134hp 2.4, alloy wheels, fog lamps, rear wiper, all power amenities, CD player with MP3 and USB function, alarm, and keyless entry. Our pick is the GLS Sport that adds dual airbags, ABS brakes, tire pressure monitor, reverse parking sensors, leather upholstery, luggage room lamp, automatic climate control, and 7 inch monitor with DVD player.

How Much Would It Cost Me
It is unfair to compare this one when it comes to maintenance costs to a Mitsubishi Adventure but it is the same with the Toyota Innova in gasoline form. Fuel consumption for this vehicle is somewhat on the higher side since a high displacement engine is standard. Two recalls were issued for this vehicle which involves a steering column intermediate shaft in March 2012 and a faulty airbag inflator in March 2016. Not much problems were reported for this vehicle, yet.

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