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Quickie Used Car Review - Nissan Grand Livina (2008-2015)

2008-2015 Nissan Grand Livina

The Good: Car like handling and comfort

The Bad: Car like ground clearance and cramped third row

The Say: Seven people can join in for something that drives like a car.

Go For: Elite

Price Range: P280,000-P715,000
Our Rating: ****

Full Review: Used Car Review - Nissan Grand Livina (2008-2015)

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Vehicle Overview
Nissan lacked an MPV in their line-up, especially that Japanese rivals were excelling in this aspect. With this in mind, the Grand Livina (which is a longer version of the Livina hatchback) was introduced.

For the Philippine market, a 1.8 gasoline was the only option for all models which can acquit itself even if the vehicle is full. Automatics work fine while the sole manual has six forward gears and is something fun to drive. Handling is on the light side thanks to its electric power steering.

Interior flexibility is excellent, especially that one can fold the second and third row seats to accommodate large and bulky items. The third row seat is best left for children, though.

What Should I Get
Elite models come with a 124hp 1.8 paired to a manual plus all power features, alloy wheels, keyless entry with panic button, rear wiper, and CD player. Luxury units can be had with an automatic and adds fog lamps and ABS brakes while the Elegance adds leather upholstery and six disc changer. In 2010, a Road Master edition was launched which gets a navigation system, DVD player, MP3 function with Ipod and auxiliary jack, Bluetooth, body kits, and heads up display. For automatic variants starting June 2012, Highway Star body kits were added.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Keeping this baby is somewhat higher than several brands but is not priced prohibitively. With this vehicle being discontinued recently, parts are somewhat available in specialist shops as well as Nissan's online part shop.

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