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Quickie Used Car Review - Toyota Camry (2006-2012)

2006-2012 Toyota Camry

The Good: Has a comfortable ride contemplated with a spacious cabin.

The Bad: Definitely not for the driver and it drives like a boat.

The Say: Executives like this for a reason.

Go For: 2.4 V
Avoid: 2.4 G

Price Range: P400,000-P780,000
Our Rating: ****

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Vehicle Overview
Representing as the sixth generation model of the Camry, this version had two configurations: "regular" which are mostly sold in Asia, Russia, and North America while the "prestige" is sold as the Toyota Aurion alongisde the Camry although some countries get this one but badged as the latter.

Two engines are available and both of them have different traits - a 2.4 engine that is capable to carry the vehicle's mass and a 3.5 V6 that possess more power that uses the low end range. This vehicle begs for the passenger to be driven in, since it has a cushiest ride to begin and it hates curved roads since it drives likes a barge plus body roll is evident. Lastly, steering is on the light side which isn't inspiring for some.

Although silver and black hues come standard, wood trim dominates the dashboard especially that developers had a lot of love for it. Passenger space, especially at the rear, is excellent.

What Should I Get
The base model is now designated as the G which gives you a 165hp 2.4 paired to a 5-speed automatic, dual airbags, ABS brakes, front and rear sensors, fog lamps, auto off light system, rear sunshade, dual automatic climate control, power fold mirrors, steering wheel controls for the audio, aircon, cruise control, and MID, alarm, and keyless entry system. Striking a balance between usability and performance, our pick is the V that gives you wood accents, power seats at all sides, leather seats, power rear sunshade, immobilizer, and for August 2009 and up models, push button start. Going for the Q adds a 273hp 3.5, side airbags, stability control, adaptive front lighting system, auto on/off light system, rain sensing wipers, dual exhaust pipes, illuminated footwell entry, and push button start.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Yes, this is a Toyota but do not expect Vios or Corolla levels of maintenance; rather, compare this one to the likes of the Honda Accord or Nissan Teana of the same time. The oldest models are nearly 10 years old but the problem point lie on the interior trim and the SRS airbag light which turns on even if it does not have any problem. A recall in October 2012 involving its faulty power window master switch that may have a tendency to get stuck during operation is issued, so check if the part had been replaced.

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