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Quickie Used Car Review - Kia Carnival (2007-2015)

2007-2015 Kia Carnival

The Good: Variety of models available, affordable to buy

The Bad: Heavyweight

The Say: One of the cheapest minivans that is practical, too.

Go For: EX LWB
Avoid: EX SWB

Price Range: P350,000-P870,000
Our Rating: ***

Full Review: Used Car Review - Kia Carnival (2007-2015)
Latest vehicle profile: Kia Carnival

See the different versions of this vehicle:

Vehicle Overview
Previous Carnival models had only size available and for the Philippine market, the usage of both Carnival and Sedona nameplates and the availability of diesel and gasoline engines. The first generation Carnival enjoyed its success through grey market imports until Kia officially sold this vehicle in 2000.

For the first time, the second generation model had both short and long wheelbase models which our local market got. Only one engine is offered: a 2.9 diesel that had seen usage from the older model but upgraded with more power and equipped with CRDi technology. Despite its heavy body, this van can pull well even if its fully loaded or not and it is stable on high speeds. It is one comfortable van, which is a plus side although handling isn't that precise but you shouldn't expect too much.

Obviously, long wheelbase models gain more space than their short wheelbase counterparts with enough room to breathe in the third row. LWB models have a 60/40 fold third row seat and the second row (for all models) can be flipped forward or removed altogether. Eight people can be accommodated inside, regardless of wheelbase size. Interior quality is tops but some low end feeling materials can be seen.

What Should I Get
When it was first launched in May 2007, it was offered in LX short wheelbase and EX long wheelbase until an EX short wheelbase (added in October 2007) and LX long wheelbase (became available in October 2008) were added. A late 2010 update had the Carnival line-up simplified to two models: LX SWB and EX LWB. LX models come with a 158hp 2.9 engine, all power features, driver's airbag, ABS brakes, fog lamps, steel wheels, CD player with MP3, and dual automatic climate control with the update had omitted the fog lamps and automatic air conditioning while adding the following: alloy wheels, passenger side airbag, reverse sensor, alarm, and keyless entry. Choosing the EX gains alloy wheels, leather upholstery, power folding mirrors and sliding doors with later units having power tailgate and Bluetooth while it was downgraded to cloth seats. We'd choose the longer models for their practicality and usability and the EX for the added features.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Maintaining this one will not dent your wallet especially that this one is diesel driven plus parts specialist for Korean cars are anywhere. Pet peeves for this vehicle include the clutch for the LX SWB and the power amenities (sliding doors, tailgate) found on EX models.

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