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Used Car Review - Nissan X-Trail (2010-2014)

Myk Belmonte discovers the secret why the X-Trail is a great buy, in spite of the new model.

2010-2014 Nissan X-Trail

When it comes to SUVs, the Japanese can't be beat. While Nissan had the Pathfinder that is based on a truck, there's also the X-Trail whose underpinnings are also utilized by the Primera/Almera/Sentra sedans. Before anything else, the 'Trail replaced the Nissan Rasheen which predated the benchmarks of the compact SUV race: the RAV4, CR-V, and Forester.

2007 marked the launch of the second generation X-Trail in Europe and Japan which had a slightly larger dimension than the model it replaced. Although it has the same silhouette when compared to the old one (more on this later), it retains the formula that made this one successful while adding new technologies.

Our market technically got the facelifted model, which was introduced in 2010 elsewhere. Unlike the previous generation model, it has a 2.5 engine as the base model. Interestingly enough, the previous one is sold together until Nissan's new management axed it in March 2014. On the other hand, this model was discontinued and replaced by the larger third generation. While there's only one trim model for two and four wheel drives, a Tough Rider model (it adds a front and rear bumper overrider, three dimensional headlamps, HID lamps, and a hyper roof rail for the 2WD) that was only made available in 2011 can be had in both drive trains.

Value and Costs
Since this car is a low volume seller plus not all owners are parting theirs, only a handful of these are advertised on the classified block or online selling sites so have lots of patience when finding one. If you want one, expect them to be priced between P750,000-P850,000 for a decently kept unit and also in the same range of same period rivals.

Despite being a not-so-decent-seller, maintenance and operating costs are similar to its Japanese and Korean rivals. Just do remember that following the regular maintenance intervals will give you a worry free ownership.

Exterior and Interior
While you may love or loathe the new model's styling, the words "boxy yet rugged" is attached to the second generation X-Trail since it can do some smooth moments on the road yet can conquer the bad ones. It does have the same exterior concept but have a closer look and there are some angles that strays far from the old one.

Getting inside the car would greet you to a cavernous cabin which is spacious enough for both human and cargo, save for the middle backseat passenger who may suffer a tight position no thanks to the transmission tunnel. If you need to haul something then folding the rear bench gives you more space to spare. But the biggest news for this car is the gauges are now positioned on where it should be: in front of the driver. Otherwise, controls are logically positioned and placed.

Unlike the previous generation model, this one makes do with just one engine option: a QR25DE displacing 2.5 liters with 168hp at 6,000rpm and 230Nm at 4,400rpm that is paired to Nissan's famed Xtronic CVT. You may say that the power and torque combo isn't that impressive, but thanks to the CVT it will utilize every ounce of power and torque in all of your driving without the shift shock associated with automatics.

Driving Impressions
While this car will bring you to your destination whether it is smooth or rough, it still has that smooth ride which is a good thing. Also all around visibility is excellent, thanks to the larger windows which the X-Trail has.

One of the hidden gems out there, the second generation X-Trail has the qualities of a car based crossover SUV that can be an all around vehicle. Even though it didn't sell well, finding one is worth it.

The Good:

  • Behaves like a car
  • Capable off-road like a truck
  • Roomy cabin
The Bad:
  • Limited rear space
  • Not a common sight on the classified ads
  • Love it or hate it styling
The Pick: 2WD

Engine: 2,488cc QR25DE I4 gasoline
Power: 168hp @ 6,000rpm
Torque: 230Nm @ 4,400rpm
Fuel Consumption: 6-8km/L (city), 10-12km/L (highway) (*estimated and varies)
Transmission: Continuously variable transmission
Suspension: Front McPherson struts with coil springs and stabilizer bar, rear parallel multi-link strut

Price (New): P1,300,000-P1,550,000
Price (Now): P750,000-P850,000
Rivals: Chevrolet Captiva, Ford Escape, Honda CR-V, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-7, Mazda CX-5, Mitsubishi ASX, Subaru Forester, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota RAV4
On Sale: 2010-2014

Nissan Mantrade - (02) 843-8011

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