Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Car News - Mercedes Benz Announces New Naming Scheme, Revives Maybach

With Mercedes Benz having an expanded line-up, they had announced that it will be having a new naming scheme for its models, particularly for their SUVs and roadsters.

The chart above shows that the A, B, C, E, and S Classes (in ascending order) will remain the same especially they are the "core model series", as it does with the CLA and CLS 4 door coupes. For SUVs, they will get a "G" designation with the G Class remains unchanged, the GL becomes the GLS (or the GL S-Class in short), the ML will be the GLE (in short for GL E-Class), and the GLK gets the GLC name (or GL C-Class) while the GLA remains the same since it is the GL A-Class. These new names will be used by next year.

For the roadsters, the SL doesn't get a name change while the SLK will be the SLC (or the SL C-Class). Changes may be in effect this 2016.

Also, the engine designations for non gasoline models are also renamed by using a lowercase letter at the end of the model to denote the drive system. "c" means compressed natural gas, "d" for diesel, "e" for electric, "f" for fuel cell, and "h" for hybrid. 4MATIC, Benz's four wheel drive system, will remain the same.

In other news, Mercedes Benz will revive the Maybach nameplate for the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show. The new Maybach is basically a more exclusive S-Class (a criticism it was trowed back then) to be called the Mercedes-Maybach S600. The sub-brand will have, as what its predecessor had, extreme levels of customization that suits the owners taste and it will not be a trim level.

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