Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Recall Alert - Ford Philippines Recalls Select Ranger Models

If you own a 2012 and current Ford Ranger, then read this one especially that your unit may be affected. Ford Philippines will be conducting a recall which concerns faulty coolant hoses.

With the coolant hose that is faulty can lead to coolant loss and be a ground for eventual overheating. In several conditions, the engine coolant hose in the vehicle may rub against other under-bonnet components and continuous contact may cause in the wear of the coolant hose and may pose coolant hose. Driving continuously in that condition may lead to engine overheating and cause engine failure.

Ford had notified customers regarding this problem and dealers were informed of this issue. Customers are advised to bring their vehicle to check the coolant hose has any evidence of contact and if the hose was worn off, it will be replaced otherwise a protective wrapping will be installed to avoid further damage. Those who had received a letter are advised to contact their dealers, since select Vehicle Identification Numbers are affected. Any owner who had not received a letter but observed this issue must stop using their vehicle and contact their dealer. If the vehicle had been sold, the original owner must notify emailus@ford.com to update the records and notify the new owner.

No Vehicle Identification Number checker is available in Ford's website as of now.

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2012-Current Ford Ranger

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