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New Car Profiles Compilation

Buying a new car is a daunting task, especially that you get easily confused on a sea of models. Since we're not just about used cars, The Ultimate Car Guide features new vehicles in which they are sorted alphabetically plus details spec-by-spec are provided in the profiles themselves.

As much as possible, we would want to keep the information posted accurate as possible, but we do not guarantee that they are 100% correct. Do remember that manufacturers and distributors can change vehicle specifications without further notice, so if you spot any mistake please leave us a comment below and we will fix them as soon as possible. Models without hyperlinks (those in black) means that information about them are being gathered and we will mark them as "new entry" once done.

To view at used car profiles, check the Used Car Profiles Compilation.

Here are some markers:
NEW - A totally new vehicle or a minor update such as a facelift
SOON - Vehicle to be launched soon, with an entry to follow
UPDATE - Ranges from price changes, additional or deletion of equipment, or new variants
DISC - Vehicle to be discontinued (either being replaced by a new model or having no direct replacement), in which these entries would be transferred to the Used Section soon

Vehicle Ratings as follows:
N/R - Given to commercial vans
* - Ain't worth it to buy
** - Not trash, but buy one if really needed
*** - Average, not that good but ain't bad also
**** - Exceptional, misses some notes
***** - Hurry, buy now!

VEHICLEPrice RangeRating
Audi A1P1,850,000-P1,950,000*****
Audi A3P2,350,000*****
Audi A4

Audi A5P4,700,000**
Audi A6P4,750,000-P5,650,000****
Audi A7P6,630,000****
Audi A8P8,800,000-P11,200,000****
Audi Q3P2,990,000****
Audi Q5

Audi Q7 P6,690,000-P7,380,000
Audi R8P12,500,000-P15,300,000****
Audi S4N/A***
Audi TTP4,400,000-P4,900,000*****
BAIC A5P2,389,000**
BAIC MBP998,000N/R
BAIC M20 NEWP548,000-P578,000
BAIC X424P1,798,000*
Bentley ContinentalBy Order Basis****
Bentley MuslanneBy Order Basis****
BMW 1 SeriesP1,830,000-P2,590,000****
BMW 2 Series Active TourerP2,950,000****
BMW 3 SeriesP2,790,000-P4,290,000*****
BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo DISCP3,190,000-P3,990,000****
BMW 4 Series DISCP3,190,000-P4,490,000****
BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe DISCP4,290,000****
BMW 5 Series
BMW 6 SeriesP7,790,000-P10,800,000****
BMW 7 SeriesP8,100,000-P11,200,000***
BMW M5 DISCP10,990,000****
BMW M6P12,490,000***
BMW X1P2,990,000-P3,890,000***
BMW X3 P3,490,000-P4,090,000****
BMW X4P4,990,000-P5,990,000****
BMW X5 P6,490,000-P6,900,000****
BMW X6P7,790,000***
BYD FO P468,000-P628,000***
BYD F5 P1,288,000***
BYD L3 P738,000-P828,000***
BYD S6 P1,168,000-P1,258,000***
Chevrolet CaptivaP1,313,888-P1,413,888*
Chevrolet Colorado UPDATEP1,167,888-P1,689,888***
Chevrolet Cruze P858,888-P1,103,888**
Chevrolet MalibuP1,398,888-P1,528,888****
Chevrolet Sail P688,888-P858,888
Chevrolet SparkP648,888-P763,888
Chevrolet Suburban UPDATEP5,238,888-P6,238,888
Chevrolet Trailblazer UPDATEP1,378,888-P1,881,868****
Chevrolet Trax NEWP1,123,888-P1,358,888***
Chrysler 300CP3,550,000***
Dodge ChallengerP3,450,000***
Dodge Charger P3,450,000***
Dodge DurangoP3,080,000-P3,380,000***
Ferrari 458 ItaliaBy Order Basis*****
Ferrari CaliforniaBy Order Basis***
Ferrari F12 BerlinettaBy Order Basis****
Ferrari FFBy Order Basis****
Ford Ecosport UPDATEP795,000-P1,008,000***
Ford Escape DISCP1,490,000-P1,790,000****
Ford Everest UPDATEP1,375,000-P2,169,000****
Ford ExpeditionP3,615,000**
Ford Explorer P2,545,000-P2,905,000***
Ford Fiesta HatchbackP755,000-P905,000****
Ford Fiesta SedanP755,000-P905,000***
Ford Focus HatchbackP1,088,000-P1,278,000****
Ford Focus SedanP1,088,000-P1,278,000****
Ford MustangP2,545,000-P3,155,000****
Ford Ranger (Non Wildtrak) UPDATEP1,059,000-P1,339,000***
Ford Ranger (Wildtrak) UPDATEP1,399,000-P1,739,000***
Foton Thunder P898,000-P1,468,000***
Foton ToplanderP998,000-P1,150,000***
Foton ViewP920,000-P1,329,000N/R
Great Wall Haval H5P1,150,000-P1,240,000**
Great Wall Haval H9 NEWP3,000,000
Great Wall Haval M2P780,000**
Great Wall Haval M4P740,000**
Great Wall WingleP925,000-P1,025,000*
Haima 1 P419,000-P479,000***
Haima 2P599,000-P749,000***
Haima 7P849,000-P999,000***
Haima M3P669,000***
Haima S5P879,000-P1,149,000***
Honda Accord UPDATEP1,809,000-P2,309,000*****
Honda Brio UPDATEP619,000-P739,000***
Honda Brio Amaze UPDATEP639,000-P779,000***
Honda BR-V UPDATEP998,000-P1,194,000
Honda City UPDATEP770,000-P1,010,000****
Honda Civic UPDATEP1,115,000-P1,537,000
Honda Civic Type R NEWP2,980,000
Honda CR-V NEWP1,539,000-P2,049,000
Honda HR-V UPDATEP1,249,000-P1,526,000****
Honda Jazz NEWP799,000-P1,029,000****
Honda Legend P4,385,000****
Honda Mobilio NEWP829,000-P1,029,000****
Honda Odyssey NEWP2,039,000-P2,499,000****
Honda PilotP3,385,000
Hyundai Accent Hatchback UPDATEP828,000-P928,000***
Hyundai Accent Sedan UPDATEP678,000-P878,000***
Hyundai CretaP918,000-P1,038,000
Hyundai Elantra UPDATEP918,000-P1,158,000
Hyundai Eon UPDATEP493,000***
Hyundai Grand Santa Fe UPDATEP2,553,000****
Hyundai Santa Fe UPDATEP1,748,000****
Hyundai Sonata UPDATEP1,878,000****
Hyundai Starex UPDATEP1,378,000-P1,988,000***
Hyundai Tucson UPDATEP1,128,000-P1,598,000****
Hyundai VelosterP1,608,000
Isuzu Crosswind UPDATEP770,000-P1,215,000*
Isuzu D-Max UPDATEP892,000-P1,540,000***
Isuzu MU-X  UPDATEP1,208,000-P1,768,000****
Jaguar F TypeBy Order Basis****
Jaguar XE
Jaguar XFP5,950,000-P9,400,000****
Jaguar XJP7,400,000-P9,650,000****
Jeep Cherokee***
Jeep Grand CherokeeP3,720,000-P3,860,000***
Jeep Renegade P1,941,000
Jeep WranglerP2,520,000-P3,100,000**
JMC HunterP680,000-P850,000**
JMC Orion P1,130,000***
Kia Carnival P1,995,000-P2,800,000***
Kia Forte CoupeP1,090,000****
Kia Forte Hatchback P1,190,000****
Kia Forte Sedan P965,000****
Kia Picanto NEWP625,000-P685,000
Kia Rio NEWP735,000-P955,000
Kia Sorento UPDATEP1,895,000-P2,300,000***
Kia SoulP825,000-P1,020,000***
Kia SportageP1,445,000-P1,795,000
Lamborghini AventadorBy Order Basis***
Lamborghini HurricanBy Order BasisNA
Land Rover DefenderP2,875,000-P3,200,000*
Land Rover DiscoveryP6,550,000***
Land Rover FreelanderP4,200,000-P4,800,000***
Land Rover Range RoverP9,500,000****
Land Rover Range Rover EvoqueP5,350,000-P5,500,000***
Land Rover Range Rover SportBy Order Basis****
Lexus CTP2,448,000-P3,268,000***
Lexus ESP3,568,000****
Lexus GSP4,328,000-P5,548,000****
Lexus GXP5,578,000***
Lexus ISP2,668,000-P3,198,000****
Lexus LSP7,418,000-P10,638,000***
Lexus LX P7,648,000***
Lexus NXP2,848,000-P3,908,000***
Lexus RC P3,648,000-P5,868,000****
Lexus RX P4,068,000-P5,978,000****
Lifan 320P498,000*
Lifan 520P498,000-P588,000*
Lifan 620P668,000*
Mahindra Enforcer P750,000-P995,000N/R
Mahindra Xylo P1,050,000***
Maserati GhibliBy Order Basis***
Maserati GranTurismoBy Order Basis***
Maserati QuattroporteBy Order Basis***
Mazda 2 Hatchback UPDATEP865,000-P998,000****
Mazda 2 Sedan UPDATEP748,000-P975,000****
Mazda 3 HatchbackP1,018,000-P1,398,000*****
Mazda 3 Sedan P998,000-P1,248,000*****
Mazda 6 Sedan UPDATEP1,795,000-P1,985,000****
Mazda 6 WagonP1,845,000****
Mazda BT-50 NEWP1,350,000-P1,550,000***
Mazda CX-3 P1,280,000-P1,480,000
Mazda CX-5 NEWP1,550,000-P2,200,000
Mazda CX-9 NEWP2,780,000
Mazda MX-5 UPDATEP1,780,000-P2,250,000*****
Mercedes Benz A ClassP2,580,000***
Mercedes Benz B ClassP2,180,000-P2,580,000***
Mercedes Benz C Class P2,880,000-P4,080,000****
Mercedes Benz CLA ClassBy Order***
Mercedes Benz CLS ClassP6,980,000-P12,800,000****
Mercedes Benz E ClassP4,320,000-P5,680,000****
Mercedes Benz G ClassP7,900,000-P13,800,000*
Mercedes Benz GL ClassP7,980,000**
Mercedes Benz GLC ClassP4,480,000***
Mercedes Benz GLE ClassP5,380,000-P6,480,000****
Mercedes Benz R ClassP6,180,000*
Mercedes Benz S ClassP9,200,000-P11,300,000*****
Mercedes Benz SL ClassP9,280,000-P18,500,000****
Mercedes Benz SLK ClassP4,120,000-P7,800,000***
Mercedes Benz SLS ClassP18,500,000****
MG 3P695,000***
MG 350P745,000***
MG 5P795,000***
MG GSP1,275,000***
MG GTP895,000-P995,000***
Mini Countryman
Mini HatchP2,200,000-P2,800,000****
Mini PacemanP2,600,000-P3,990,000**
Mitsubishi AdventureP690,000-P1,010,000*
Mitsubishi ASX UPDATEP1,215,000-P1,325,000***
Mitsubishi LancerP928,000-P1,238,000***
Mitsubishi Mirage UPDATEP560,000-P730,000***
Mitsubishi Mirage G4P573,000-P805,000***
Mitsubishi Montero Sport UPDATEP1,415,000-P2,058,000
Mitsubishi PajeroP2,570,000-P2,770,000**
Mitsubishi Strada UPDATEP975,000-P1,665,000***
Nissan Almera P630,000-P880,000***
Nissan Altima P1,745,000***
Nissan GT-R P7,350,000
Nissan Juke P980,000-P1,039,000***
Nissan Navara UPDATEP961,000-P1,686,000****
Nissan Patrol Royale P3,990,000*
Nissan Patrol SafariP2,795,000*
Nissan SylphyP856,000-P1,013,000***
Nissan Urvan NEWP1,299,000-P1,740,000N/R
Nissan X-Trail NEWP1,399,000-P1,728,000****
Peugeot 208GT P1,950,000***
Peugeot 2008P1,390,000***
Peugeot 301P990,000-P1,090,000***
Peugeot 308 HatchbackP1,490,000-P1,890,000
Peugeot 308 Wagon P1,690,000-P1,890,000
Peugeot 3008 NEWP2,590,000
Peugeot 508P2,190,000-P2,590,000***
Peugeot 5008P2,300,000****
Peugeot Expert TepeeP2,200,000N/R
Peugeot RCZP2,850,000***
Porsche 911 CarreraP9,150,000*****
Porsche 911 Carrera CabrioletP9,950,000*****
Porsche 911 TargaP9,750,000-P10,350,000*****
Porsche 911 Turbo/GT3/SpyderP17,000,000-P18,000,000*****
Porsche BoxsterP5,550,000-P6,750,000****
Porsche CayenneP7,350,000-P9,350,000****
Porsche CaymanP6,250,000-P6,950,000****
Porsche Macan
Porsche Panamera

Rolls Royce GhostBy Order Basis***
Rolls Royce PhantomBy Order Basis****
Rolls Royce WraithBy Order Basis***
Ssangyong KorandoP1,090,000-P1,390,000
Ssangyong RodiusP1,290,000-P1,590,000
Ssangyong TivoliP785,000-P1,080,000
Subaru BRZ  NEWP1,928,000****
Subaru Forester UPDATEP1,468,000-P1,948,000****
Subaru Impreza P1,128,000-P1,298,000****
Subaru LegacyP1,808,000-P2,098,000***
Subaru Levorg UPDATEP1,748,000
Subaru OutbackP2,068,000-P2,288,000***
Subaru WRX/WRX STI UPDATEP1,888,000-P2,598,000****
Subaru XV NEWP1,348,000-P1,538,000***
Suzuki Alto UPDATEP398,000-P429,000*
Suzuki APV UPDATEP588,000-P820,000*
Suzuki Celerio UPDATEP538,000-P569,000***
Suzuki Ciaz UPDATEP748,000-P898,000
Suzuki Ertiga UPDATEP675,000-P928,000****
Suzuki Grand VitaraP1,160,000-P1,210,000**
Suzuki Jimny UPDATEP738,000-P895,000*
Suzuki Swift UPDATEP658,000-P698,000****
Suzuki Swift Dzire UPDATEP579,000***
Tata Indigo P535,000***
Tata ManzaP600,000-P738,000***
Tata VistaP565,000-P678,000***
Tata XenonP830,000-P1,135,000**
Toyota 86 UPDATEP1,801,000-P1,901,000****
Toyota AlphardP3,329,000****
Toyota Avanza UPDATEP707,000-P1,029,000***
Toyota Camry UPDATEP1,595,000-P1,800,000****
Toyota Corolla AltisP896,000-P1,320,000****
Toyota FJ CruiserP1,866,000***
Toyota Fortuner UPDATEP1,465,000-P2,288,000
Toyota Hiace UPDATEP1,346,000-P2,593,000N/R
Toyota Hilux UPDATEP961,000-P1,737,000***
Toyota Innova (Diesel) UPDATEP1,056,000-P1,496,000
Toyota Innova (Gasoline) UPDATEP954,000-P1,276,000
Toyota Land CruiserP4,507,000-P4,930,000***
Toyota Land Cruiser PradoP3,019,000-P3,936,000***
Toyota PreviaP2,733,000**
Toyota PriusP2,252,000
Toyota Prius C UPDATEP1,659,000-P1,709,000***
Toyota RAV4 UPDATEP1,295,000-P2,103,000****
Toyota Vios UPDATEP617,000-P999,000***
Toyota WigoP526,000-P599,000**
Toyota YarisP745,000-P885,000***
Volkswagen BeetleP1,590,000-P1,790,000***
Volkswagen CaddyP1,350,000-P1,550,000
Volkswagen CCP2,800,000
Volkswagen Golf
Volkswagen Golf GTIP2,290,000****
Volkswagen Jetta P1,378,000-P1,498,000***
Volkswagen PassatP2,253,000-P2,759,000****
Volkswagen Polo Hatchback P950,000***
Volkswagen Polo SedanP840,00-P860,000***
Volkswagen Tiguan

Volkswagen TouranP1,775,000***
Volvo S60P2,495,000-P3,795,000****
Volvo S80P4,145,000*
Volvo V40P2,288,000-P2,795,000***
Volvo V60P3,095,000***
Volvo XC60P3,545,000-P4,295,000****
Volvo XC90

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